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Good Foods For Diabetic Nephropathy

SOME GOOD FOOD FOR DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY Diabetic nephropathy is a kidney disease which involves damage to the kidney’s glomerulus capillaries. Symptoms and signs – 1.Headache 2.Itchy skin 3.Vomiting 4.Frequent  voiding . Cause- Poor control of the blood sugar level High blood pressure Diet and diabetic nephropathy- Diet is quite important… Read More


FOODS WHICH ARE HELPFUL FOR DEMENTIA Dementia is brain disease which leads to decreased ability of thinking. Dementia can affect thinking the ability of the people.  Signs of dementia are- Tremor Speech problem Restlessness or wandering Visual problem and perception Swallowing or trouble in eating Disorientation of memory Speech difficulty… Read More

Dietary management of Catalepsy

Dietary management of Catalepsy: Catalepsy is one mental disorder/rather says a neurological disorder. In medical term catalepsy defines a disease condition of diminished responsiveness usually characterized by trancelike state and constantly maintained immobility. In this case the affected individual may remain in one position for minutes, days, or even longer… Read More