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Pollution & Asthma for Children

Pollution in our country like India is one of the major the issues that causes plenty of deadly disease including Asthma mainly concerned here children. Pollution makes the human body less oxygen but more carbon -dioxide or better to say Carbon Monoxide.

Dietary management for mumps:

Dietary management for mumps: Sohini is suffering from mumps for 1 week! Her mother says this is the season of this viral attack! Sat aware about it! Mumps is one infection of your parotid gland (situated at your inner cheeks).The parotid gland is also called the salivary gland. The main… Read More

Dietary Management for Measles

Dietary management for Measles: Measles is one very ancient disease! This virus has a history of killing human since prehistoric era. Before the measles vaccine was discovered, this disease becomes epidemics to every year, and mainly affected the children. It attacks mainly the respiratory tract and in the severe condition,… Read More