How You Can Increase Your Weight Naturally?

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Skinny people be alert, this post is for you!

Guys you have already read in our previous blogs about how you can lose your weight faster, proper diet for weight loss, about reducing your belly fat, amazing exercises for weight loss management and many other blogs linked with losing bodyweight. But what about those people who are already petite or over lean or we can say those people who are underweight?

According to the health report shown by WHO, around 462 million people are underweight globally. This is a cause for concern as it can affect your health and lead to complications in the long run. Losing weight is the priority of many people but one should understand that the reason behind many people who have zero size figure or whose who are extra-lean may be due to malnutrition or due to other health problems.

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We have all read and heard about the risks of being overweight or obese. But did you know that being underweight is also not good for you? If you are underweight and want to increase your weight at home but tried everything to improve yourself. Then what you will do and whom did you contact? Don’t worry when you are the subscriber of…

So today for our healthiply readers, we will discuss some major causes of being underweight and also how you can increase your weight naturally at home we will discuss that too in our health blog!

Main Causes Of Being Underweight

1) Sometimes you say that your friend who’s diet is more than you still he is lean but on the other hand by eating two chappatis you are gaining weight. This is due to the high metabolism of that person. Your friend’s metabolism is so high that their tendency to put on weight is low even if they eat large, high sugary diet and calorie-dense meals.

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2) Some people are born with the kind of genes that make them naturally thin and have a low Body Mass Index (BMI). This due to their family history (heredity issue).

3) Those people who are involved in high levels of physical activities regularly, like jogging, playing any form of sports, running, swimming tend to be underweight. As their metabolism is always high, and they burn a lot of calories constantly through the day.

4) If a person is having any health problem or disease from a long time then he can experience a sudden drop in his weight or we can say he might go through temporary weight loss. They can also undergo an increase in their metabolism levels that may cause continuous weight loss. A few examples of such health conditions are hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal diseases, TB, cancer, diabetes, or somebody gone through bypass or surgery.

5) Those people who are depressed may also endure the severe loss of appetite and lose a large amount of weight speedily. They should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

6) A person living under stress is usually very engaged in their thoughts and always worried about several things such as family issues, personal problems, the peer pressure of the job and much more. Now you understand that weight loss and weight gain are interlinked with mindset.

7) Many people have eating disorders which they are not aware of like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder come inside underweight. Eating disorders are mainly related to the levels of brain messengers, where weight watchers overeat for a short period, followed by purging or over-exercising to compensate for extra calorie intake.

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Tips To Increase Your Weight Naturally

Sometimes the reason for being underweight is also due to genetics, metabolism, lack of food or excessive usage of drugs. But if you work on your body slowly then definitely you will observe improvement in your body. For that follow these tips to increase your weight naturally.

Eat More Calories

We are not saying that change your diet suddenly. Take your time and then start following the tips. In starting, increase your calories by adding nuts, seed toppings, cheese over healthy snacks & meal. Try to include almonds, sunflower seeds, eat more fruits, whole-grain, wheat toast. Overall the point is that you need to consume more calories than your body needs but in a proper and healthy way.

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You can determine your calorie needs using this calorie calculator or from various mobile applications such as Myfitnesspal app from google plays store and many more. Just keep in mind that calorie calculators only provide estimates of calorie and you don’t have to keep an eye our your calorie intake all time. If you want to gain weight gradually then start your target from achieving 300–500 calories more than you burn each day. If you want to gain weight faster then set a goal of 650–1,100 calories according to your level.

Consume Healthy Carbs and Fats

Many people try reducing either carbs or fat during weight loss but for weight gain, they are very essential without including them in your diet it might difficult for you to get in enough calories. Eat plenty of high-carb and high-fat foods if weight gain is a priority for you but keep a track over it as your aim is to increase weight, not cholesterol and other diseases which come with unsaturated fat. It is best to eat an excess of healthy protein, fat and carbs with your meal.

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Following a diet that is high in carbohydrates and fats is one of the best ways to gain weight healthily. While carbs provide energy, healthy fats are dense in calorie. Together, they gradually increase weight. Some healthy sources of carbs and fats include Rice, Full-fat yogurt, Coconut oil, Yellow portion of egg i.e egg yolk, whole grains, pulses, Oats, Cheese and avocado.

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Increase Physical Strength

Do workout for at least  3 to 4 day a week to increase your muscle mass. Focus mainly on strength training instead of spending a lot of time doing cardio. Yes, cardio is great for a healthy heart, but it also burns a lot of calories but you need extra calories for weight gain and doesn’t work much in your favour if you are underweight.

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It is important to ensure that you lift weights at the gym or play a sport to improve your physical strength and avoid letting the excess calories in your body turn into fat. If you’re completely out of shape or new to training, hire a personal trainer to help you get started. Avoid cardio for now and focus mostly on the weights lifts.

Keep Yourself Hydrate

Drinking water has been synonymous with weight loss since it helps to reduce the amount of food being consumed. Hence, do not drink water before meals or with meals as it makes you feel full. Drinking water does not help you to gain weight but prevents dehydration and flushes out toxins from the body. You can include protein smoothies in your diet to stay hydrated as well as gain healthy weight.

Keep yourself hydrated

But some doctors claim that drinking excess water can also lead to weight gain. They believe that the body can only flush out a limited amount of water. If you drink more water than the body can handle, it gets stored in the body and causes weight gain in the form of water weight.

Include Dry Fruits In Your Diet

Including dry fruits in your diet is a great way to gain weight slowly and naturally. Nuts and dried fruits such as dates, apricots, prunes are highly rich in protein, Vitamin E and monounsaturated fats and should be included in your morning breakfast and meals as it helps in boosting your weight and simultaneously improve nutrient content in your body.

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Plus they will provide a sufficient amount of calories. You can also add minced dry fruits as toppings in your meal or take peanut butter with bread in your breakfast.

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Eat Mini Meals

Apart from gulping your lunch and dinner in one take, opt for portion meal which means divides your lunch into 3 parts and similarly do with dinner. Breaking your meal into the smaller meal will increase your appetite and eating mini-meals will also increase your calorie intake throughout all day.

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You can avoid your major meals. 3 to 5 regular meals are easier on your stomach and keep you feeling full. Plus, you should stop avoiding or skipping your meals and try to add in some energy-dense snacks whenever possible.

Include Protein-Rich Foods In Your Diet

The most important nutrient required for weight gain is Protein. Your muscles are mainly made up of protein, so eating enough protein helps you gain healthy muscle weight instead of fat. During overeating, your high-protein diet may convert those extra calories into the muscles. Protein-Rich foods will also control your hunger and appetite significantly.

Include protein-rich food in your diet.

The standard protein intake for an underweight person should be between 1.5 grams to 2.2 grams of protein per Kg of your body weight. High-protein foods which you must include in your diet are red meats, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts, many dairy products, protein shake and supplements.


Yes we know, it might be very difficult for some people to gain weight. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day similarly weight gain process shall take time. You need to aim at healthily gaining weight and not just eat only junk or fast food.

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