Best Workouts Ideas For People Who Hate Exercising!

By: on March 12th, 2020 in Weight Loss & Fitness

Do you hate working out? Are you one who is allergic to gyms? Does the idea of running on a treadmill make your joints pain? Have you taken gym membership and still not started working out there? You also don’t want to exercise at home either and neither want to join any yoga classes. But at the same time, you want to lose some weight and stay fit by maintaining yourself. Ahhh Gosh how it is possible then? What you will do to stay fit? We have taken your queries and we will answer every question of your in our health blog, today.

Due to your busy office schedule and never-ending commitments at work and home, it is quite difficult for you to maintain fitness. And the thought of taking out extra time for workout and gyming gives you goosebumps. Trust us! You are not alone. How about hiking, swimming like a mermaid or punching something really hard or what about cleaning your own house? Yes, all these kind of activities come under workout only! Don’t get confused. All these are fun activities you can perform at home or even outside. This kind out workout can surely help you in maintaining yourself!!

There are so many amazing workouts that people who hate exercise will even enjoy. Try doing activities that you can do in the comfort of your own or at home to simple exercises that let you have fun while getting crazily fit in the process.

For those people who hate doing workout and going gym, we have sorted a few exercises through which they can keep yourself fit. Change your concept of what you consider exercise. Get out of your routine by think out of the box!

Let’s Begin-

1. Try Walking

If you don’t like running just go for a walk. Yes, you read correctly walking can be considered as a workout. For walking, you don’t need any special equipment or you don’t need to be a proper athlete, you don’t need any workout clothes or force yourself for a gym. When you walk, you are carrying your bodyweight for whatever distance and time you decide to travel. Carry a Fitbit device with to keep an eye over calorie and distance. This means that something as simple as walking can actually help build muscle and cardiovascular endurance, reduce fat, and strengthen your bones.

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Daily walking will definitely increase your heart rate and it is the safest approach to burn calories and build cardiovascular endurance. It is better for blood circulation and decreases the risk of stroke or heart disease. Walking can be done at any place and at any time of the day. When you start walking daily for 10-30 minutes before work, after work, or even on your lunch break you will feel refreshed and increase your metabolism.

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2. Indulge Yourself In Dance

If you’re a music lover, it’s time to get more than just your toes a-tapping. Dancing is a great way to put a smile on your face. One of the health experts states that when you dance for 50 to 60 minutes on your feet it can burn up to 500 calories. So play your favourite tune put on your headphones or play music on using a Bluetooth speaker and start dancing as you have danced like never before like nobody’s watching!

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Dancing is the best cardio exercise because you can dial it to the exact level you want. It even improves brain health and cognitive function, due to the mental effort and frequent social interaction that dance requires.

3. Try Acrobatics

Another way through which you can shake legs is by Gymnastics or Acrobatics which cover a wide variety of exercises such as from aerial yoga to on-the-ground exercises, handstands and cartwheels.

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Acrobatics is mainly considered as a bodyweight exercise and it is a form of low-intensity cardio which makes you stronger, fit and flexible. Bending yourself into different shapes will require constant stretching and regular practise to get better.

4. Do Exercise In Bed

Are you the one who doesn’t like to get up extra early for a morning workout at the gym? Exercising and morning workout can be a true pain in the butt. It is particularly difficult for anyone to get motivated in the morning and to leave you warm bed. The good news is that you can still transform your body without leaving your cosy bed.

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You’ll burn more calories than you would by repeatedly hitting the snooze button. There are various exercises you can perform while lying over your mattress such as Marching Hip Raises, Side Plank With Twist, Reverse Crunches, Scissor Legs and Planking. Choose a few of them, or complete every move, and perform as many reps as you can in 30-50 seconds. These exercises will tone your legs and keep you active throughout the day.

5. Play With Kids

If you have little kids in your life, then you have no shortage of opportunities to run around, you can include them in your workout routine too. Be the cool mom or dad by joining in on their fun. As we all know kids move non stop most of us used to do the same. Remember the game, Touch and Go (TAG) it is the game of races, and kids love such kind of games which is a great way to get in some cardio.

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Running behind kids can increase your heart rate. For your fitness you can also try playing red rover, red-light green-light, double-dutch, Marco Polo, hopscotch, hide and seek, sharks and minnows, a snowball fight, or hula-hooping kid love these games and all are filled with fun. In this way, you spend more time with your kids and you can stay fit too.

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6. Perform Outdoor Activities

After waking up you can play badminton or dodge ball or you can involve in any outdoor activity such as hiking, rowing, rock climbing or join any team or call your friend to do these activities. Play those sports where you will utilize your core strength entire body such as softball, kickball, dodgeball, tennis and volleyball.

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When you will start playing a sport you love, you won’t fixate on all the exercise you’re getting. You can also try rowing as being in the boat burns calories, promotes heart health, and builds upper body strength. If you row as part of a team, it’s a good way to make new friends too. Find a trail or hiking group near you, get outdoors and move. Exercising outdoors has been associated with increased energy and decreased tension and depression.

7. Enjoy at Pool

If you love swimming then take advantage of it. Swimming is listed as a perfect workout. Soaking in water can help to ease the tension of your muscles while simultaneously relieving pressure off your joints. Even a movement as simple as treading water can make for an intense workout that doesn’t feel exhausting and this it makes swimming a fantastic exercise that almost anyone can enjoy.

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There is another way of enjoying inside the pool and that is swimming like a mermaid. Mermaiding is a full-body workout just like swimming, but it adds a fun and magical element of feeling like a mermaid while doing it.

8. Start Punching

The best way to release your office pressure or any stress or aggression is by punching. It is the best way to utilise your anger in a healthy manner. Exercises like ball slams, boxing, battle ropes, and tire flips release stress, get you connected with your body, help burn calories and build strength, and are fun. Washing clothes by hands or a washing paddle is another way which can be considered in exercise. Similarly sweeping and wiping is a good way to do a workout.

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So we have given enough ideas for those people who hate going gym or exercising. Try these activities and let us know how much they helped you stay fit and healthy.

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