29 years, height 5 ft 10 in, weight 85 kg, weight to height ratio ?

Ask A QuestionCategory: Weight & Fitness29 years, height 5 ft 10 in, weight 85 kg, weight to height ratio ?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I am 29 old, my height is 5’10 and my weight is 85 kg I want to reduce my weight pls suggest some ideas to reduce weight. And what should ideal weight for this height?

2 Answers
Uma Maheshwari - Dietitian Staff answered 3 years ago

Your ideal weight would be 70 – 75 Kg. Start your day with warm water, Eat small fequent meals, instead of 3 big meals. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Walk for 30 – 45 min for 5 days a week.

Dr Swapan Banerjee - Dietitian Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi – Thanks for your question. As I can see your Body Mass Index is 27.16 (Range is 18.5- 24.9), So you can come down your weight 8kg.-10kg. from your present weight. Then you will get a good appearance & healthy body. Better you have a well balanced low calorie Diet Plan & have lot of free nand exercises, yogas, dynamic lifestyles .Take whole grains,brown rice,brown breads instead of flour,plain rice, take more plants based foods, dairy  protiens but low oranic more vegetables mostly gourd family all ,fruits mainly citrus like Orange,Lemon & fibres rich like pears,guava,very Less banana, mango,coconut,dry fruits .Avoid all junk,fast, street ,oily,spicy,restaurent,foods. Tight Sleep 7 hrs.& no day sleep. Proper Meals & activities planning can give you good shape & real weight management for all time.