What Does High Levels Of Esr And Lymphocytes In Blood Indicate?

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

What does high levels of esr and lymphocytes in blood indicate. Do they increase or decrease during menstrual cycle.

2 Answers
Uma Maheshwari - Dietitian Staff answered 7 years ago

Any kind of infection will increase ESR and lymphocytes in blood. Do consult the doctor and get yourself treated for infections.
Uma Maheshwari PS
Clinical Dietitian

Dr Swapan Banerjee - Dietitian Staff answered 7 years ago

HI- Thanks for your questions.  There are several reasons behind high ESR and lymphocycte levels .May be because of inflammation, Free radicals quantity more, A high lymphocyte count indicates an increase in white blood cells.Some times cancer, autoimmune disorders or inflammatory diseases.Avoid fast & all foods high in saturated or trans-fats. You should also avoid simple refined sugars because they can make inflammation worsen.