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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

What changes can we make in our cooking to reduce weight? Or is it possible to change some common recipes like daily sabzi, dal, parantha, rice, rajma, chole etc?

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Shrela Meghani Staff answered 3 years ago

I know we all are quite busy in this techno world but just imagine do we will be the same after 20 or say 30 years. We always have to take time for ourselves. you can easily visible that at the age of 50 your parents are quite healthy but have you thought that at the age of 50 you would have same energy and same ability as your parents are having it right now. Lastly we all are doing careers for our health only..
Breakfast should be a mix of protein 40% and carbs 30%, Lunch should be having 30% protein and 50% carbs and evening snacks should have 30% protein and dinner should have 20% carbs. These distribution is on per day basis.

Dr Swapan Banerjee - Dietitian Staff answered 3 years ago

Tentative Diet plan Low Carbs,Low fat  (Per day energy- 2000Kcal/Day) 

6.30am – Early rising & water 250ml,can add by squeezing ¼ size lemon .

Then mild walking within campus for winter & summer out side for
1km.or few yoga if possible. Apart from this free hand exercises.

7.00am – Liker Tea,2 cream craker Biscuits.                        50 cal.

8.00am- Breakfast – Brown Breads 3pcs, 50gm curd/yogurts Or Oat meals 50gm, OR 50gm chana,chira
50gm, 1 sweet. OR  2pcs Whole wheat Breads/Chapathi, ,dal 15gm/mix vege. Or 3
pcs Idly .Dalia or Porridge.Pasta Or some more option may be available. (
Pl.note any one dairy product 5ogm can add.with 1 pcs egg).Milk should not be
more 150ml at time.                                                                200cal.

10am – two whole fruits 1 citrus like orange/ Musambi ,1 Guava/papaya 5
slices. ,salad dressings (1 servings any one but not at a time all)  >. 250cal

12pm.- Lunch Brown Rice 100gm,15gm pulses (lentil/Mug), Mix vegetables/
1serving Sukta (Bitter mix) weekly 3 days ,1 pcs Fish 50gm Rohu/Catla,some
times pomfrtae,or sea foods.less than 30gm.,Chicken 2 days in soup form, egg
1 pc.(only one pc.a day).can add 50gm curd/yogurts/puddings/Kheer any. In
case of Vege.thali can add Paneer 40gm.                                  >>500cal

3pm- two whole fruits 1 citrus like orange/ Musambi ,1 Guava/papaya 5
slices./any semi solid/solid fruits (No repeat on a day like mid morning 11am),No dry fruits,nuts etc. >>100cal

6Pm- Tea,2 pcs C.K Biscuits,50gm Chira/Muri,South Indian snacks like
Idly2pcs/1 Plain Dhosa/ Some like Break Fast options. (No heavy
spicy/creamy,No junk,oily foods but good nutritive home made snacks prefer.    200cal.

9.30pm –Dinner 50gm Brown/Plain Rice, 3pcs Chapati (whole wheat) ,Dal
20gm,Micx veg, 3 days /week rajmah/chola as fibre rich vegetables/tarka.Can
add , Custards. (No need of repeat of Lunch foods). Better to have all separate
foods/menu every time to get good nutritive values & better digestion, laxative
actions.                                                                                                   500cal

Bed Time – In case of wekness ) Protein Supplement if recommended . 2 scoppes with lukearm water/Milk – 100  cal