How Important Is Sitting Posture ?

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I have a tendency to sit in a crouched position (bent forward) for long hours on a computer. Will that cause back problems ?

2 Answers
Uma Maheshwari - Dietitian Staff answered 7 years ago

Poor posture, ie, crouched position, puts strain on muscles and spine. This could lead to change in structure of the spine, which will lead to constricted blood vessals and nerves, and also issues with muscles, discs and joints, which would contribute to back and neck pain. This also leads to headaches, tiredness, problems with major organs and breathing. Hence please correct your position.
Uma Maheshwari PS

Dr Swapan Banerjee - Dietitian Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi-Happy to help you. This is very natural that as human being we have very adjustable with our organs well matched with our postures,gestures either walking or sitting,other wise on negative feedback in terms of pain,back pain, spondylitis, neck pain, onr or a series of symptoms may seen in an acute or even chronic way.So beware of proper sitting,rather I advice some times have short walk/movements at you your office during work pressures are less.Thanks