Vivek Singhal asked 7 years ago

If you have dengue then what are the home treatment?

1 Answers
Dr Swapan Banerjee - Dietitian Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi – I like to tell you few Dietary TIPS on Dengue to prevent even as home remedies after positivity of Dengue Virus .   Must drink plenty of water,fluid always & little more after positive test.       2.Coriander leaves are helpful can be added with others foods or like juice or souce or Indian Chutny.       3.Add good  2-3 types of citrus fruits like Musambi, amla, some tamarind,Lemon drops or similar seasonal.       4. Herbal Tea can help ,some adding tulsi may be added advantage.       5. Monitoring of fever & headache,bodyache.Test must be       6. Green or raw papaya are very helpful to come down fever & other viral infections. Green leaves of papaya is most important as it contains papain enzyme.       7. Last & most imporatnt to seek medical advice without further late as home safety measures are limited