How do I quit smoking?

Ask A QuestionCategory: Allergies & AsthmaHow do I quit smoking?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I am a regular smoker, can you give tips to quit smoking ?

2 Answers
Priyanka Arya - Dietitian Staff answered 3 years ago

First reduce your frequency and secondly you can have green tea instead of smoking.
Consume oats and bananas to repair the damages caused by quitting smoking all of a sudden.

Dr Swapan Banerjee - Dietitian Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi -Happy to help you. Quitting any addiction like smoking or alcohol is not one day matter. Any one should take it seriously at priority wise for his /her family,thinking about nearest ,dearest’s  well being , some thing good for all. Example like : ” if your daughter says daddy not smoke,this is bad,or I can not tolerate any way!! then as a father what you feel ?  Then only can quit possible. Now a days there are counselling centers (NGOs) who can skill fully help you gradually so that you can systematically quit without any psychological pressure.