10 Benefits Of Almonds

Benefits Of Almonds

Almond is a very popular nut and has a prominent place in the list of dry fruits. This dry fruit contains a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and other vital substances like protein, etc. To continue living a healthy life, one should always consume all dry fruits and especially almonds. This almond comes from a tree that is deciduous, which means that its fruit falls from the tree when its ripened. In the early days it was cultivated in Iran and some of its surrounding countries but now it is been grown everywhere. In 2017, the world production of almonds was 2.2 million tons, with the United States giving 46% of the total. As others are the leading generators, Spain, Iran, and Morocco joined contributed 22% of the world aggregate. While the almond is regularly eaten individually, raw or toasted, it is additionally a part of different dishes. Almonds are accessible in numerous structures, for example, entire, cut (chipped, fragmented), and flour. Almond pieces around 2–3 mm in size, called “nibs,” are utilized for unique purposes, for example, enhancement and for garnishing of dish or desserts. Almonds produce almond oil and can likewise be made into almond butter or almond milk. These items can be utilized in both sweet and flavorful dishes.

In terms of health, almonds are essential; they provide you the energy and potential to run the human body. There are many facts and theories that prove the benefits of almonds. Some extensive studies done on almonds tell us that it helps in preventing diabetes, heart diseases can also solve weight management issues. Almonds contain a rare combination of fiber, plant-based protein, vitamin k, and monounsaturated fats, which keeps the heart problem away. Nearly for two decades, the scientist has concluded their report by saying that if someone stops eating snacks or junk food, and starts to at almonds then the person will never face heart issues, and the level of cholesterol is also in the limit. Eating almonds provide most of the nutrient value and approx of 5% of potassium to your body. And even in many studies, it is documented that potassium widens the blood vessels, which can result in the lowering of blood pressure. Almonds have different benefits for overall health; they are as follows:


1. Boost brainpower

In scientific research studies, it has been found that almonds have L-carnitine and riboflavin. These are some essential nutrient which is important for our brain growth.

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Almonds also contain phenylalanine; it is a brain-boosting chemical that helps in our cognitive function. Soaked almonds can be consumed every morning.

2. Maintains weight

Almond butter does not help us to gain weight. The almond help to lose weight as high protein and healthy fiber makes the stomach filled for a more extended period of time. Consuming almond butter fills our stomach for a more extended period, and it prevents the individual from eating other unhealthy food.

3. Getting rid of anemia

Anemia occurs when the blood cell carries less quality of oxygen. Almond consists of vitamins, copper, and irons. It works as a catalyst that synthesizes hemoglobin. Thereby almond can prevent anemia.

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4. A birth defect is prevented

Almond contains folic acid, which prevents a birth defect. Folic acid plays an essential role in tissue configuration and cell growth; thereby, it is essential for the healthy growth of the fetus. Women who take almond allows more folic acid intake, which may prevent Neural tube defects among infants.

5. Works magic for skin

Almond works wonderfully for the skin as it contains olein glyceride linoleic acid. Almond prevents blackhead, acne; it also helps to get rid of the prickly and arid skin. It also provides vitamin E, which is needed for healthy skin. Almond helps to give a glow to the skin, and it also acts as a mild disinfectant for our skin.

6. Antioxidants

Almond butter has vitamin E; the vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that prevents tissues from the oxidative stress .vitamin E is the antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. A spoon full of vitamin E can take care of around 30 % need for vitamin E on a daily basis.

7. Aid metabolism and digestion

Almond milk contains traces of fiber. This fiber has digestion enhancing benefits; Almond milk takes care of the problem related to digestion. The increases digestion can help to flush out the unhealthy and unwanted toxin out of the human body system. This also increases the metabolic rate of the body.

8. Beneficial for the heart

Almonds are a healthy source of protein. The unsaturated fat in almonds helps to lower down the cholesterol level, and it helps to keep the heart disease at bay. A healthy individual should have 25 % of the daily calories from the fat. Heart-healthy fat, along with the protein, works magic for our health.

9. Nourishes and strengthen the hair

Almonds contain hair-friendly nutrients like mono fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid and also other vitamins like A, D, B1, B2, B6. These nutrients penetrate through our hair strands and make them healthy and active.

10. Prevent skin from the sun

Almond contains a high amount of vitamin E . It is a skin-friendly nutrient. Vitamin E acts as a shield against the sun and prevents skin damage. According to the sources, if someone ate almonds at regularity, then the chance of sunburn is less.

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There are harmful UV rays in the atmosphere, and the only natural and best way to prevent sunstroke is the intake of vitamin E. In medical business, many supplements and medicines are available which can provide the need for vitamin E with the combination of other vitamin and mineral. But if you have the option of almonds, then no need to take supplements. Almonds are the best way to protect your skin.

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Almond works wonderfully for our overall health, and it prevents cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. With its high capacity for antioxidants, it gives reliable protection against oxidative stress. One of the main aspects is that almonds are low in carbohydrates but high in fiber, protein, and fats, which are basically essential and good for our body. The best thing is that it is readily available near all stores and shopping malls, and there is never a shortage. All over the world, there are ample amounts of almonds so everyone can easily have access to these nutrient-rich almonds.