3 Causes Of Cancer At Home That You Should Immediately Throw Away!


We believe that home is the safest place on this planet however this is not the truth. We have many things at home that makes our survival difficult and we should immediately throw away without concerning anyone. So here are the some of the things that can cause cancer:

  1. AIR FRESHNERS – Most of the air fresheners contain toxins and volatile organic compounds which are carcinogens. A research, which included 13 common house air fresheners, showed that most of the air fresheners contain chemicals which may cause asthma or even negatively affect reproductive development. Other research confirmed that all the air fresheners which were studied release chemicals that are hazardous, toxic and can even cause cancer. Of course, none of these harmful chemicals were listed on the labels of the products. Replace these air-fresheners and use natural essential oils instead.
  2. ANTIPERSPIRANTS – Many antiperspirants and deodorants contain some ingredients which cause virulent cancers. They stay on our skin for a longer period of time.
  3. CANDLES – It is believed that the candle wicks are made out of lead wires. To be more precise, 40% of the scented candles that can be found on the market are made of these lead wicks. This happens because the fragrance oils usually soften the wax, so in order to make the wicks firmest, manufacturers often use lead. A candle that has a lead wick releases lead five times higher than the permissible amount of lead for children.