Learn How Poor Quality Mattress Can Negatively Affect Your Health

Do you swing and turn all night? Do you feel lazy when you woke up from bed? Have you been not able to sleep well for many days? You know that your mattress is one of the top reasons for your sleep and answers for the above questions.

There is no better feeling than getting into your bed after a long working day. You feel refreshed after taking 8-9 hour of sleep. But if this not happens and you are not getting quality sleep then what you will do. The reason behind your discomfort is your mattress. It plays an important role in your life and affects your body in a good or bad way it helps you fall and stay asleep.

Having a mattress that’s too hard or too soft might not be good for your body’s natural alignment and your body will start aching. A poor-quality mattress can also cause this as it will not give the proper support that your body needs.

This it is essential that you should know about the right mattress according to your needs and that will assure you a better sleep.

So, below we have listed a few points how poor quality mattress can negatively affect your health, check them out!

1. Allergies Triggered By Dust

An old mattress is filled with dust particles, bed microbes and bacterias. As you spend more than one-third of your life in bed so it is obvious that, body oils, dead skin, dust mites and other unwanted germs and bacteria get on your mattress. According to experts Dust mites are microscopic creatures and more than 10 million are found on or in your bed and they are invisible. Due to these bacterias, unwanteds germs and dust mites, you may get allergies.

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These dust mites may cause or increase your dust allergy and can worsen your health condition. Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchiness, and sinus are the outcome of those allergies. Asthma is the most common one and can intensify by dust which results in chest tightness, shortness of breath, and difficulty in breathing. Thus we will recommend you that always buy and use an allergen-proof mattress, opt for those mattresses which are goods in quality and can be washed easily.

2. Promotes Sleep Deprivation

An uncomfortable mattress can induce interrupted sleep or sleep deprivation. Due to lack of sleep, you always feel tired and this will mess your mood, affect appetite, concentration levels and immune system, and athletic performance. Sleep deprivation can lead to severe disorders such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc.  And you all are aware of the reason that is the selection of poor quality mattress. So it is always advised that you should buy a good quality mattress.

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3. It Causes Severe Back Pain

When it comes to back pain you cannot ignore the quality of the mattress, sufficient spine support is a must for everyone. This is another common problem of sleeping on an old mattress. Our spin is made up of interlocking bones which have some natural curves in it. You want to sleep in a way that supports those natural curves.

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Any slight discomfort in your spine due to an excessively soft or poor-quality mattress can put stress on the ligaments and muscles and this may lead to severe back pain. This back pain will further affect your daily sleep. According to various reports those people who have replaced their old mattresses, they noted a significant decrease in their back pain.

4. Contribute To Neck Pain

Another obvious problem of resting on a poor quality mattress is neck pain. You don’t want your neck to be leaning back or leaning forward. Obviously, your pillow plays a big role here, but a mattress with a ton of lumps or saggy parts can affect your body, neck and head comfort. During sleep, your neck and position should be proper, it isn’t like that then your neck and shoulders will start hurting and the reason is the choice of bad mattress and pillows. However, sleeping on a mattress with no sags or lumps can automatically improve the posture of your neck and shoulders. Doctors recommend that you should always use one or two flat pillows to support your head and neck at night.

5. Weakens Your Immune System

Are you waking up dizzyingly and struggling to concentrate the whole day at the office or home? If you struggle to sleep because of your uncomfortable mattress, you might feel the consequences the next day. Your lower quality mattress can be the reason behind your interrupted sleep and waking up sluggishly. Disrupted sleep may lead to various health problems and decreases the quality of life. Sleeping on a poor quality mattress prevents high-quality sleep and this results in a weak immune system.

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When you sleep, your body renews all that has been drained throughout the day. When you lack sleep, your body is unable to perform its activities to the fullest. This leaves you with a weak immune system, which causes multiple types of illnesses such as cold, cough, headache and obesity. Protect yourself from diseases with a mattress that gives you comfort and helps you in taking a proper nap.

6. Bad Mattress Can Promote Snoring

One of the factor which is ignored by everyone is snoring which can also cause by a bad mattress. If your mattress is not supporting your body properly, your airways may be under tension or the tissues may be broken, which leads to snoring. If the mattress is old, it may promote snoring as well. Despite snoring is not uncommon, few people really know and understand the dangers of snoring, which actually has the potential to be a fatal disease.

7. Intensify Joint Soreness

Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm for you can result in painful joints. While a firm mattress can be better for your back and posture than an old mattress, it can place pressure on your tailbone, arms and shoulders as you roll and turn to get comfortable on it. The more you try to get a comfortable position on a bad mattress, the more it can lead to joint pain. It is normal to find a comfortable position, but even the slightest pain can disrupt your sleep and cause strain on your joints. If your mattress is too hard, excess pressure on areas like your shoulders, hips, knees, side, and back can lead to aches and pains.

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Ultimately our point is that everyone wants to get good sleep, and your mattress plays a significant role in your sleep. So buy mattresses which are eco-friendly and internationally certified and assure yourself because a good quality mattress also positively affects your health.

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