Do You Know Which Food You Should Avoid Before Flying?

When you have a long flight ahead but suddenly your stomach feel upset or uneasy? Do you feel nausea and motion sickness while flying? You always feel like sluggish & emesis whenever you take flight? Before boarding, does it seems bloated or flatulency? All these questions are pointing towards only one factor and that is not taking proper and healthy food before flying!! Did You???

Sometimes change in altitude and breathing pattern at the time of flying can also cause dehydration. However, everything we eat before boarding draws a big impact on our flight experience. And the reason is that you have chosen the wrong type of foods. Probably we know the reason behind your sluggish behaviour while boarding. With the right diet choices, you can aside this discomfort when you are in the air. But how you will know what you should include or avoid before taking off. Sticking with healthy food will make you feel good

So today in healthiply blog we will read about the list of those food items which you should keep aside before you touching the sky:

Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

Avoid alcohol and caffeine to avoid dehydration on board, and keep fluid intake up.  Don’t worry about having to get up to go to the toilet – it’s actually important on a long-haul flight to move regularly. Aeroplanes are already drying to your body, due to the dehydrating properties in caffeine, you could easily develop a headache or become nauseous.

Avoid Coffee and Alcohol
Avoid Coffee and Alcohol, Via:

Although alcohol may make you feel sleepy initially, alcoholic beverages could cause disturbed sleep, preventing you from feeling rested when you land.

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Avoid Carbonated Beverages

While flying especially during long haul- avoid Carbonated drinks, apple juices, diet soda and other citrus juices as all these contain indigestible sugar which is known as sorbitol. Lactose found in dairy products such as cream, milk, ice cream, flavoured milk, curd, buttermilk will cause bloating and gas.

Avoid Carbonated Drink
Avoid Carbonated Drink, Via:

You need to be at your peak, and carbonated beverages contribute to bloating and cramping, two enemies of the long-haul athlete. Again, we’re suggesting that you avoid foods that block digestion, cause gas and potentially cause distress to you and your fellow passengers.

Skip Gastric Foods

Those foods which contain gastric elements such as Brocalli, Cauliflower, Beans, all these are ceriferous vegetables. Consuming all these foods can make your stomach gassy and bloated. Apart from this, avoid chickpeas, broccoli, cabbage, lentils and onions as by consuming these could leave you gassy all day.

Food that causes bloating, Via:

In the air, as cabin pressure drops, any gas in your intestines expands which make you feel highly bloated. Think of how a water bottle expands in the plane and explodes a little when you open it mid-flight; the same thing occurs in your abdomen!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The pressure inside cabin and dry air circulating all time can extract moisture from your skin, but drinking plenty of water will help to keep your skin naturally hydrated. It’s common knowledge that an airplane cabin can dehydrate you. Thus, it makes sense to avoid salty foods in the hours before takeoff.

Keep drinking water during the flight, Via:

Drinks with caffeine, like coffee or soda, can also increase dehydration. Opt for herbal tea when the crew member offers beverages. Stop chewing gum has candy too, as chewing them you let excess air into your body which results in gas. Also, sugar and artificial sweeteners can cause flatulence.

Avoid Fatty Foods

I know it is quite difficult for you to resist Samosa, French fries and McDonald’s Burgers or any other delicious appetizer before taking off but my healthiply friends you have to avoid these all fatty foods.

Avoid Fatty Foods
Avoid Fatty Foods, Via:

Fried foods can cause heartburn, acidity due to fats and oils as it takes more time for digestion plus they are high on sodium content due to which you feel hypersalivation. And thus these foods can lead to fluid preservation in your body and may cause bloat or swelling in your body while flying.

Don’t Consume-

Dried Fruits & Nuts as eating dried fruit in large quantities before flying adds fibre and sorbitol in your intestine. These two elements extract water in and create a stomach full of intestinal gas. Due to which you feel bloated and nausea. Also, avoid Apple and Red Meat as they are all these are difficult to digest and results in a long hour of discomfort, gas and bloating. Spicy food can also cause heartburn as acidity in flight.

Avoid Apple, red meat and dry fruits, Via:

So the question is what should you eat?

Low-fibre fruits, lean meats, unsalted nuts, a sandwich, tuna, quinoa, crackers and smoothies are all those food which you can take before flying or at the airport. And in beverages go for normal water or herbal tea.

So for avoiding the embarrassment of being gaseous or farty while travelling via airways follow these food tips before boarding. So that your stomach won’t feel upset and to avoid hypersalivation and nauseous conditions.

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