Never Eat Foods While You Are Lying On Bed

Never Eat Foods While You Are Lying On Bed


Never Eat Foods while you are lying on Bed

Eating is necessary for all of us to keep alive as it provides the fuel to keep going. It is important what we are eating; similarly eating where and how is also important. Our posture of eating is responsible for our easy digestion of food. Eating while sitting is the best posture for better digestion of all types of food but sometimes due to our ill health or some medical conditions we are not supposed to sit for weeks or months so foods while lying on bed is the only option but it needs some dietary modifications as lying on bed means less movement which takes longer time to digest and there is also high risk of GERD or heartburn.

Solid foods should be avoided to ones who lie on the bed to avoid choking, sucking and coughing problems. Foods which are ideal for bed-lying ones are liquids, semisolids and soft foods which are easier to swallow, chew and also take less time for digestion so that there will be less chance of indigestion but it should include all basic food groups to maintain good health.

Recommended Diet for Bed-Lying Patients:

At least 2 to 2.5 liters of fluid is needed for bed lying patients to combat solid food calories, to fulfill the nutritional demands and to avoid constipation due to immobility. The fluid must consist of all the nutrients with enough recommended calories and proteins for bed lying patients, including all vitamins, minerals and plenty of fibers.

You can include commercially available supplements to get all balanced nutrients and the deficit calories. This takes very less preparation time but is very cost effective so it is difficult for everyone to depend on these products only. So, you can partially depend on these foods and partially on homemade liquid foods like Vegetable soup, tomato soup, dal soup, chicken soup, milk, banana milkshakes, buttermilk, coconut water, fruit juices, lemon water, barley. Tea and for extra calories and proteins you can add a homogenous mixture of rice, dal, veggies, egg, oils which can be strained before taking

Liquids improve the detoxification process of the body. Liquids with two hours of intervals are generally recommended for bed lying ones if taken orally without difficulties or else advised tube or peg feeding 2nd hourly, 3rd hourly or according to the condition and recovery time of the client. If liquids are not tolerated in heavy amount then drink smaller sips.

If you are feeling hungry during recovery as some liquids induces our appetites then choose some semisolid or soft foods if you are able to take but not solid regular diets by lying on the bed. Foods which are included in soft diets are sooji porridge, khichri, dalia porridge, toast, upma, poha, poached or scrambled eggs, oats or cornflakes with milk, mashed potatoes, steamed or pureed veggies, custard, icecreams, puddings, desserts, yogurt, boiled apples, bananas, cheese and fish or chicken as stews or minced.

As immobilization makes our digestive system weak and also losses our appetite so have small and frequent meals with less oily, fried, spicy, fatty and sugary foods which easily upsets our stomach.

Though eating lying down has some side effects like aspiration and choking problems etc, you must prefer to take food in sitting position unless and until you are sick and serious to  avoid foods while lying on the bed.