Healthy Snacks For Children

Parents are always worried about their kids meal. And kids are always into eating snacks. Kids actually love snacks rather than the main course items in food. So, parents always think if they would eat snacks all the time then what about their growth? Afterall green vegetables, milk products,fruits are very important for everyone and helps in growth of children. So here is a list of some healthy snacks for children which would not harm them:

1. Instead of drinking fruit drinks and other sugary bevrages try frozen cubes of 100% fruit juice in cups of water.
2. Instead of potato chips eat baked vegetable chips.
3. Instead of ice cream try yogurt.
4. Instead of gummy fruit snacks try fresh fruit cut in small pieces.
5. Instead of cookies try Graham crackers deepend in unsweetend applesauce.
6. Instead of cupcakes eat mini muffins.
7. Instead of sugary cereal mix different types of whole grains cereals such as corn flakes.
8. Instead of cheese puffs try thinly sliced vegetables.
9. Boiled eggs
10. Amonds
11. Apple+peanut butter
12. Banana + peanut butter
13. Eat 100% whole grain read but not white bread.
14. Drink water and white milk not the sweetened tea,juice.
15. Eat pudding cup not candy bar.