7 Health Benefits Of Rising Early

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin, famously.

Are you a night owl? The one who sleeps when everybody wakes up? The one who starts functioning after the sun goes down and works till the sun rises? The one who is annoyed by seeing morning people and how they feel so energetic in the morning?
Then it’s obvious that climbing out of the bed each morning can occasionally be the most difficult task for you.

Ever tried waking up at 5 AM and going for jogging? Or doing yoga? Sounds torturous, isn’t it?
But rising early has certain surprising benefits that you should definitely take into consideration.
Once you realize that waking up early serves a beneficial purpose, you’ll treat it as a means to an end instead of the end itself. Then, you’ll actually stand a chance of making it a successful habit.

Studies have also suggested early rising and success might be linked. People who wake up early are more in sync with the traditional corporate schedule and tend to have more proactive personalities, which might lead to better grades in school or higher wages on the job.

What is the ideal time to wake up?

Early morning 4 am is the right time to wake up. Children should be encouraged to wake up by 5 am or 5.30 am, at least 2-3 hours earlier than their school bus timings.

Let’s look at the benefits that you can experience by setting an alarm earlier than planned.

1. Helps you to get perfect skin

A proper sleep schedule gives you a proper and glowing skin. After 7-8 hours of sleep, the skin is at its best in the morning. And if you’re an early riser you can give extra time to your skin care and follow proper CTM – cleansing, toning, moisturizing.

Helps you to get healthy & perfect skin, Via: telegraph.co.uk

Like a night owl who does not have a proper sleeping schedule, an early morning person has a proper schedule and this predictable sleep routine ensures that your skin gets proper time to rejuvenate.

2. Proper exercise

Doing proper exercise in morning makes you fit.
And also the morning workout session keeps you energetic throughout the day.
You can also go to the gym in the evening, but the problem is that you will miss many of the sessions because of work and family commitments.

Zumba increase energy and improve strength, Via: jcc-asheville.org

Also, there can be days when you get so tired that you just can’t manage to go to the gym. So because of this reason morning workout session proves to be the best. Starting your day with a workout doesn’t only cut your early evening fatigue out of the equation, it is also super healthy for you. It helps in burning more calories, and continues to do so at a higher rate after you have finished, plus it helps you sleep better at night.

3. Better concentration and mental health

Starting your day early can improve your concentration power. You will be able to focus on your goals and tasks list without being interrupted by anyone. You will remain alert all day long. A proper sleep pattern helps in getting better mental health and also releases anxiety. Too much sleep or non-productive sleep leads to higher incidence of depression and physiological issues.

4. More energetic

Because early risers have a better sleeping pattern than the night owls, they tend to be more energetic all day long. But not really because this is really interesting stuff – a bunch of things happen when your body finally relaxes in sleep, and all of it is beneficial to your long term physical health as well as mental health.

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A proper cycle of sleep will make your blood pressure drop, breathing slow, muscles are relaxed, body temperatures drop, and the blood supply to your muscles increases. This results in tissue and bone both repair, as well as cellular corrections. Growth hormones are also released that are essential for muscle development.

5. Me time

By rising early, you can finish up the stuff early and enjoy the me time. You don’t have to rush to finish up things. You can do things with more productivity and organized mind. You can pick a perfect outfit for the day, try different hairstyles, follow a proper skincare routine etc.
So by this, you can avoid any kind of mental challenges and relax and do your work easily.

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6. More organized

So you all might have gone through this thing.
When we go to sleep, we make plans in our head regarding what is to be done or achieved the very next morning. Isn’t it? once we get up, life happens. You forget your lunch box, cab comes late, you go to the office late and finally, your day gets messed up.

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Rising earlier and laying out your day in advance creates a series of approachable goals that you can dive right into. Worrying about traffic and your first grader’s untied shoelaces are much more easy to deal with when you aren’t trying to remember a half dozen things while you run out the door. So rising early helps you to remain organized throughout the week.

7. Proper breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that you should never skip. It sucks when you have a particular craving for breakfast but you decide to eat bread and butter and coffee just because you’re running out of time? The point is that in rising late, you don’t give yourself the time you need to start your day perfectly.

Proper & Healthy breakfast, Via: thespruceeats.com

So here, early risers get a benefit to eat what they want, because they have enough amount of time for preparing the breakfast.
Also, having a proper breakfast helps you to remain fit and get proper skin & hair.

So, if any of these points excites you to get up early, do that. Because rising early has its own benefit that you can’t count but experience once you wake up early.

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