The Pros & Cons Of Crash Diet



Crash diet is the short cut method of losing weight

What is crash diet?

A crash diet is a fast method losing weight in a short interval of time. Calorie intake can be as low as 700 kcal per day.

List of crash diet-

  1. Cabbage soup diet – In this diet individual is only allowed to have cabbage soup.
  2. Juice fast crash diet –  In this diet, only fruit and vegetable juice can be consumed for 60 days.
  3. Grapefruit diet – In this diet individual can have grapefruit whole or as juice to lose weight, it can be coupled with 700-800 kcal diet.
  4. 4 days diet – 4 days diet was introduced by Ian smith, this diet needs to be followed for 28 days, here in every 4 days segment particular group of food is introduced.
  5. Extreme fat loss diet- Through this diet individual can lose 25 pounds in 25 days. It can be used in 5 days cycle that supposed to be repeated 5 times.
  6. Chicken soup diet – In the chicken soup diet individual can eat breakfast and as much as chicken soup throughout the day.
  7. The 3-week diet- Individual can lose up to 23 pounds in 21 days.

Pros of crash diet

  1. Quick process – It is the quickest way to lose weight.For losing weight healthy crash diet is required.
  2. The impact of the protein – Main benefits is that it create an impact on the protein of the body.
  3. New look to the body- Within a short span of time body get new contour and get a new look.
  4. Change is fast – Change in the body image is relatively fast than another mode of weight loss.
  5. No wasting time – Crash diet does not allow wasting time for weight loss. It is a fast process.
  6. It instantly lowers calorie level- Low-calorie diet is the key for better weightless. When calorie content in food which we consume is low, then body uses its own resource that is fat for energy.

Cons of crash diet –

  1. Very restrictive –  This diet designed around the minimum requirement of the person so that it can felicitate better weight loss.
  2. Most people gain back weight- Crash diet is not an effective way of losing weight, most of the people who lose weight through crash diet gain weight within a 5-year span of time.
  3. Urges of eating all the time- As diet lack adequate calorie, protein and fibre individual on a crash diet is always craving for food.
  4. Health complication may occur- Biggest problem of a crash diet is that it can lead to the formation of the stone. Also, dizziness, low blood pressure, anemia, skipping menstruation are noted.
  5. Muscle loss – sometimes crash diet can lead to muscle loss instead of fat loss.

Crash diet still in high demand especially in Hollywood, Dietitian are coming up with the different technique to combat its short come.