Some Hidden Facts On Lemon Tea !!


Lemon tea is best day starter; it brings freshness in body and mind

 What is lemon tea?

Lemon tea is made when basic tea is blended with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, honey/stevia/sugar and masalas.

Nutritional facts:

1 serving lemon tea gives

Calorie – 5 kcal

Sodium – 75 .0 mg

Total carbohydrate – 1 gm

Vitamin c – traces

Hidden facts of lemon teas are –

  1. Ph level balancer – It is essential to have a balanced ph level, too much alkaline or acidic state cause the delirious effect to the body. For example, if the acidic level in the body is in the higher side, the body catches different infections and uric acid in the joint can cause gout.
  2. Boost immunity system- Lemon tea try to boost the immunity system. A cup of lemon tea is good enough to fight infections. Lemon has the anti-inflammatory property, it is helpful for the patient with asthma, respiratory problem and allergies. Lemon tea is beneficial for the arthritis patient which reduces inflammation.
  3. Rehydrate the body – Water content in our body is around 75%. Our body needs to be properly hydrated, because proper hydration leads to healthy immunity system, flushing out the toxin and in turn, it facilitates better functionality of the vital organs.  Lemon tea is flavored fluid beverage it tries to rehydrate the body.
  4. Weight loss –  Lemon tea balances ph and also flushes toxin out, in this way body lose its toxic load and it leads to healthy weight loss.   Drinking tea in the morning enhances the body’s metabolism. Healthy metabolism does not encourage unnecessary fat accumulation.
  5. Breathe refresher – The consumption of lemon tea helps you to freshen your breath and to get rid of the bad odors of mouth. Warm lemon tea helps to inhibit the growth of the bacteria in our mouth and keep the mouth clean. Lemon has a beneficial effect in maintaining healthy oral hygiene.
  6. Potion for clear skin – Lemon tea clears skin and keeps acne at bay. Vitamin c clear acne and protect skin from aging. Lemon tea helps in the production of collagen which maintains elasticity and firms the skin.
  7. Facilitates healing process – Lemon tea is packed with vitamin c and antioxidants; it helps the body to heal. It enhances the endorphin level, which in turn reduces the anxiety, stress in our body.
  8. Mood enhancer – Fresh smell of lime pulls up the dull mood. Thereby the lemon tea is used for the aromatherapy. Fresh cup lemon tea boosts mood.
  9. Natural diuretics – Lemon try to detoxify our body and it initiates the cleansing process and it helps to nourish the body from within.
  10. Instant cure for nausea and indigestion – Along with lemon and water, masalas as cardamom, cinnamon are added. When the body experiences nausea and indigestion, lemon tea helps to relief our body. It relaxes the digestive track.

Lemon tea is a liquid beverage; it is served with biscuit or cookie