6 Foods That Help Us To Keep Healthy & Good Nails



This is often a common question for all of us that foods can help us all out for all the diseases at daily meals or therapeutically. But have you heard that foods only the best tools which can help good looking & healthy nails !!

How: Yes, Protein the best tool as foods in our daily meals can only help. There are three primary sources of protein like i) Animal or Organic sources  – fish, chicken, eggs, beef ii) Plant or veg sources – soybeans, all beans, pulses, iii) dairy sources.

Out of this list, I can tell you that some of the below-mentioned foods are helpful to make nail better & maintain it properly.

1. Beans – These are the high protein contents can supply enough Biotin (Vitamin B7) which can nourish the nails. As per the study, 2.5 gm of Biotin daily consumption can increase the thickness & overall beauty of nails of a study group within six months of 25%. So, do not forget to include the beans available in the vegetable market in your daily meals. These are foods that can consume both vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian.

Protein-Rich Beans Salad, Via: medicalnewstoday.com

2. Oat– Secondly, we must remember the excellent meal Oat, which provides enough all the minerals, mainly macro elements like Iron, Zinc, Calcium with additional benefits of fibres. These all food elements can drastically protect the nails & maintains its health. Therefore, a female is always advisable to have daily 50gm of Oatmeal, preferably at breakfast.

Oats, Via: telegraph.uk

3. Egg – This is surprisingly a good food readily available country like India which not only provides enough protein but added benefits of vitamin –D, Vitamin A, E. The albumin part (egg white ) is having a fantastic role for good well-nourished. So consumption of daily 1 -2 eggs for a fit person within the age group of 15-40 years is highly beneficial.

4. Salmon– This is seafood enriched with enough antioxidants, mainly omega -3-6-9 fatty acids. Apart from this is one of the richest sources of vitamin –B-12 that altogether help to grow good nails & subsequently to maintenance.

Salmon, Via: consumerreport.com

5. Peas – This the low-cost vegetables under peas group provides vitamin A, chlorophyll & so this help the excellent health of nails.

6. Blueberries– Berries, mainly the blueberries, are 0ne of the core foods to maintain good nails. This is also enough available in our country & nowadays not only seasonal but also throughout the year.

Eating blueberries are good for nails growth, Via: servingjoy.com