Buffalo Milk Vs Cow Milk

Buffalo Milk vs Cow Milk


Buffalo Milk vs Cow Milk
     Buffalo Milk vs Cow Milk


Milk is an essential part of a diet, mainly due to its nutrition contents. It is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, and minerals, which are important for a good health. It is recommended to have 2-3 cups of milk to meet the daily calcium requirements. Throughout the world, milk is consumed from different sources, more commonly being cow and buffalo. While, both are good for health, there is a difference in its richness and composition. Cow milk is more common in the Western part of the world, whereas Buffalo milk in South Asia. Both types of milk have its own set of advantages and disadvantages in terms of their comparison.

  • Fat Content

Perhaps, the most significant difference between both the milk is the fat. Cow milk is low in fat concentration, hence, have a thin texture and consistency, making it lighter for consumption. Buffalo milk has higher fat concentration, making it quite heavy in consistency. A high percentage of fat means the body will take more time to digest and absorb the nutrients. Buffalo milk, having high-fat concentration, keeps the stomach full for the longer amount of time, in comparison to cow milk. Therefore, cow milk is ideally suited for those who have a weak digestive system like aged people or infants.

On the other hand, buffalo milk has low cholesterol content than cow milk, so people suffering from obesity or kidney disease are advised to drink buffalo milk. Buffalo milk also has a high content of calcium, phosphorous, and iron. It serves as perfect nutritional supplement for any age group.

  • Protein content

Buffalo milk is again rich in protein content with a difference of 11% to that of cow milk. Protein molecules require more energy to breakdown, thus the entire requirement falls upon its use. Infants and elders are advised to drink cow milk.

  • Calorie content

Since Buffalo milk has a higher percentage of proteins and fats, it will naturally have high calories compared to cow milk. Here, cow milk is ideal for those who wants to keep a check on their daily calorie consumption.

  • Water content

Cow milk is more watery than buffalo milk because of less percentage of milk solids. Cow milk contains 90% water which helps to keep the body hydrated for a longer duration.


The Verdict

The final verdict on which of the two milk is better clearly depends on its uses. Buffalo milk provides more nutrients, helps to gain weight and build muscle mass. Cow milk is good for the weak digestive system, lose fat and body weight. Each has its own set of benefits and disadvantages.