Best Foods While Traveling In Train For Two Nights



India is widespread; distance has been shortened by the trains. The most economical, comfortable and fastest way of covering long distances can trains routes. Long distance trains are for covering huge kilometers like 1000 or more. It takes 2 nights or sometimes 3 nights. The long distant train does offer pantry car and good bunks to rest on for long hours , in case pantry is not there traveler has solely been dependent on their own made food, which they need to carry on their own or they can buy it from the passing stations

 Delicious meals in trains or by Pantry car services


Some of the trains like Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatapdi do provide 3 courses meals along with complementary snacks in between. Although the meal cost is charged through the tickets .Meals which has been provided by India government are healthy, nutritious and lip smacking good, Janta meal (in quality disposable cardboard boxes) is provided during 12.30 to 1.00 a clock in the afternoon. In case of veg meal it contains rice pulao or Jeera rice or Plain rice of fine quality of 150 gms, Paratha or Chapati or Puris of 100 gms, Dar or Sambhar of 150gms (Thick consistency) Mix Vegetable (seasonal) of (100 gms), Curd of 100 gms or sweet of 40 gms Pickle in sachet of 15 gms Packaged drinking water in sealed: glasses of 250 ml.


Facilities of veg or non-veg. both types

It approximately provides 500 to 600 kilocalories which may satisfy the need of an adult individual in their daily calorie requirement. Non -vegetarian food contains same food like veg but extra things it has two egg curry or chicken  2 (150 gms) . In the evening, same like mid morning the tea or coffee is provided with biscuits. At around 7 in the evening, tomato soup is provided with bread sticks (2 pcs). The night food is similar to that of lunch.


Best meals availabilities as per locations/Cities


Apart from these trains, there are some trains like kaziranga express Jaipur Coimbatore expresses, Jammu Tawi express , Chennai mail, Mumbai express etc they don’t provide free meals . The travelers have to purchase the meal from the pantry car or they have to buy it from the passing stations. The cost of Standard tea is 5 rupees. Coffee using instant coffee powder is 7 rupees. Janata meal or economy khana cost 15 rupees which contain vegetable, dal, 3-4 roti or puri, rice, and salad .The standard vegetarian breakfast contains Bread Butter & cutlet or Idli & Vada or Upma & Vada or Pongal & Vada,It cost around 25 rupees .There is an option for non-vegetarian breakfast like bread , butter , omelet it cost 30 rupees . Apart from cold food of railway pantry car, a traveler can opt various delicious foods from the stations like rajmah chawal or puri or kachori with aloo chaat or tikki while traveling through the north Indian states. If you are traveling to the side of Rajasthan then the most common foods are malpuas, mawa kachori, dal bati churma. If you are traveling through Madhya Pradesh then jalebi, samosa, garam bhel, roti sabji are most common food travelers can purchase.

Family ,Excursions, couples, businessmen –All enjoy meals

A large group which attending marriage or music band or local group travelers or large joint family or college or school group for excursion takes their own cook, who may take cooked foods with them. Many case the group  are not so big it can consist a number of people like 6 to 8 they carry food in a large hot box or insulated tiffin box, wrap the food in the foil , they prefer more dry foods than food which have more curry or juice. They prefer achar roti or paratha, they may go for dum alloo with roti, dry snacks like murmura, kurmura, papri, gathia sweets, dry fruits they have it in particular, interval of time. Dry food has less chance of contamination than hot juicy items.

Lot of scopes & new planning of meals

Most renowned is poha in ratlam junction it is served with sev and raw onions. If you are traveling through Punjab then tandoori roti, roti gobi sabji, makke ke roti aur anchar are most available dishes.In south India traveler gets lots of choices in cheap prices apart from idli, vadas, dhosa and sambar chawal, there are most amazing foods can be found like chicken biriyani in shoranpur railway station and Kozhikoda halwa at Calicut station in Kerala, maddur vadde in maddur railway station in Karnataka and pazampori in Kochi station. Vada pav in pune station is also amazing snack travelers can have. Other than famous rosgulla in west Bengal chicken cutlet in Howrah station and Dum alloo at kharagpur station is an unavoidable dish.

Lastly, Indian railway is one of the wonderful modes of transport .They expose us to best scenic experiences and also offer us with great flavors pertaining to the state that we cover.