Your Tooth Pain Is Telling You Something


We all at least once in a life time would have experienced tooth pain, of varying severity.

Your paining tooth is always a sign that something is wrong with it. Tooth pain is a symptom, not a disease.

tooth pain

Causes of tooth pain?

It can be underlying problem like-

  1. Decay
  2. Broken tooth
  3. Infection, etc


What NOT to do when you have tooth pain?

  • No self medication.
  • Do not use clove oil.
  • Do not crush and put garlic.



These things will temporarily or let’s say; superficially will control and subside the tooth pain. The reduction in pain will be just be for short time. It will not cure the pain. It will surely not cure the underlying disease.


Best approach?

Please visit your dentist.

First of all, It can either be a minor sensitivity or decay which can be repaired immediately. Also, It can be a broken tooth, highly decayed tooth or even infection related to a particular tooth. Such cases would need more extensive attention and treatment.

Such problems should never be ignored or taken for granted. Furthermore, if ignored it can lead to much bigger problems later. As, the bacteria present in the mouth are easily carried into blood stream. The infection from your teeth goes further into the hollow spaces present in the jaws. It causes something called as ”space infection”. It’s better to visit a dentist and have thorough checkup of teeth in initial stage of pain or discomfort itself. Once the actual problem is addressed in the initial phase, the pain subsides.

It is very important to know that, home remedies for tooth ache has never cured the underlying disease. Consequently, it is not at all recommended by any dentist.

One cannot know what exactly is going on in their mouth and many problems goes unattended. All because it might not be causing any kind of pain. Hence, please make sure to have a regular dental check up.

In conclusion, let’s not forget that, ”Prevention is better than cure”.