Wine Causes Several Disorders Including Obesity



 Wine in simple terms can be explained as fermented grape juice. It has found wine can be made from all sort of common and uncommon foods, like fruits , herbs, and flower.

Manufacturing wine

Fruit wine – wines are made out of fruits like apple and berry (apple wine, elderberry wine). Yeast nutrient is needed to promote and maintain fermentation.

Starch base wine – Starch base product is used for the preparation of wine, Like wine made by barley and rice wine.

Grape wine – This is the fine quality of the vintage wine. It has a finest aroma, a producer, uses micro-oxidation technique, thin film evaporation technique, cross flow filtration technique, tannin filtration, spinning cones.

Type of wine

  1. Cabernet sauvignon –red wine
  2. Syrah- red wine
  3. Zinfandel – red wine
  4. Pinot noir –red wine
  5. Chardonnay –white wine
  6. Sauvignon blanc –white wine
  7. Pinot Gris –white wine
  8. Riesling –white wine

Ill effect of wine on health

Sleep deficiency – Instant wine consumption can lead to drowsiness, it is not digested but moves directly through the stomach lining and wall of the small intestine into the blood stream. Once it reaches blood stream it enters cells and depresses cellular activity.

Effect cardiovascular health-Too much alcohol consumption can lead to blood pressure, heart failure or lead to stroke .High intake can lead to increase triglycerides and irregular heartbeat.

Fertility – Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause birth defects or low birth weight. Alcohol consumption reduces the testosterone level, slowed motility of the sperm and erectile dysfunction.

Pancreatitis- Excessive consumption can lead to acute or severe pancreatitis, it becomes more complicated with the effect of smoking and wrong spicy eating habit.

Effect on liver – prolonged and excessive use of wine can lead to liver inflammation and scarring, hepatic cell degeneration.

Irritable bowel syndrome – The grape seed contain lectin, it does not break down in the body as it can              withstand  enzyme and also stomach acid. It affects the stomach wall and  different organs. It affects the excretory system and trains the stool.

Relation between obesity and wine –

1 wine contain high calorie – The calorie from wine can be stored as fat in the different part of the body, that lead to weight gain.

  1. Appetite stimulant – It stimulates the hunger. More we drink alcohol more food consumption requirement increase.
  2. Didn’t give filling effect- Wine is not food, it is the beverage, so it lacks fiber , protein. It doesn’t create bulk and make you feel full for longer time . More you drink wine more you feel to drink. The excessive unused calorie store as fat in the different part of the body.
  3. Affects neurotransmitter- It effect certain neurotransmitter in a brain that control feeding, more you drink more you remain confused , that lead you to more food consumption .

Wine is not a beneficiary beverage and  can decorate our overall health.  Moderate amount of wine is used in cake , chocolate industry , which is not so hazardous.