Is It Safe To Exercise If I Have Asthma? Please Suggest

Anonymous asked 6 years ago

Is it safe to exercise if i have asthma? please suggest

1 Answers
Nationwide Clinics Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello, There are many factors one needs to take into account. How is your current asthma status? Have you got any recent attacks? Are you on medications including both reliever and controller/preventer inhalers? How often do you have to use the relievers? If you are currently stable and not on any controller/preventer inhalers then you could still do some exercise after taking the reliever inhaler. I would suggest you to meet your treating doctor who would be able to assess your latest condition to advise you on the same. You can always drop into any of the NationWide clinics in Bangalore or Delhi to get an assessment done before starting exercise. Regards, Dr Gowri Kulkarni