Food Allergy

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I have food allergy and pimples all over my face and also my back. After I took my bath, my body starting itching then it becomes hives. It occurs every day. I also have hair loss problem.

1 Answers
Nationwide Clinics Staff answered 7 years ago

Hello, I see that you have multiple issues. Is the food allergy you have restricted to certain food types that you have noticed? If yes, then best is to avoid those. Hives after taking hot bath can be a cholinergic urticaria. Do you get hives after taking a cold shower as well? Water allergies can happen but are relatively rare. With regards to your pimples and hair loss, these could be due to some skin problem or hormonal changes as well.  If you reside on Bangalore or Delhi do drop into one of the NationWide clinics and meet our family physicians who would be able to help you better with this problem. Regards, Dr Gowri Kulkarni