How Can I Loss My Weight?

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I am 21 Y student live in hostel, Physical activity is zero, My weight is increasing day by day. How can i loss my weight?

1 Answers
Nationwide Clinics Staff answered 7 years ago

Weight loss is achieved through combination of dieting and exercise but it is Diet 80% and Workout 20%. Diet does not mean fasting which is bad. You need to eat more often- apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner eat two snacks in between. Reduce carbohydrate (rice, chapati, bread, pasta) and have more protein (milk, egg, fish, paneer etc) and fruits and vegetables. Drink 8-10 glass of water unless you have kidney or heart problem. Dinner ideally by 7pm and should be light. Leave 3 hours from dinner to bedtime. For a full diet counselling and chart contact us at [email protected]