Exercise For Weight Loss?

[email protected] asked 8 years ago

Hi i am Mustafa i am just 23 years old and my weight is 92kg with a big tummy and heavy body can you please help me 

1 Answers
Uma Maheshwari - Dietitian Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Mustafa, Obesity is the mother of major illness. Hence it is high time you concentrate on weight loss.  Small frequent meals (3 adequate meals n 2 healthy snacks) help in weight loss. Include salad in every meal Start with green coffee without sugar / honey / jaggery. Avoid sugar, sweets, carbonated drinks, oily stuff and junk food. Choose only home cooked food. Walk for 45min a day Feel free to connect with me for a personalised weight loss plan. Pleasure to help, Uma Maheshwari PS, Dietitian, Happy Living Diet Clinic, http://www.happyliving.zest.md +91 9900046344