Hepatitis B Profile By Dr Lal Pathlabs, Gurgaon

Rs. 4,200

includes 6 tests
Available in Gurgaon Call +91 900-860-1850 for help

Rs.100 Home Collection Charges | FREE Doctor Consultation from Healthiply.in | Online Reports Available



HEPATITIS B PROFILE by Dr Lal PathLabs for Rs.4200 (covers 6 tests). Home Collection available in Gurgaon + FREE Doctor Consultation from Healthiply.in

Tests & Parameters included


•  HBsAg
•  Anti-HBs
•  HBeAg
•  Anti-HBe
•  Anti-HBc IgM
•  Anti-HBc Total

Sample Collection Information

•  4 mL (2 mL min.) serum from 2 SST’s
•  Ship refrigerated or frozen.

Reporting Schedule

•  Daily

Other information of relevance

This test helps to distinguish acute and chronic infection and assesses recovery from or immunity to Hepatitis B.

Code: Z017


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