Sleep And Its Importance

Many things can be directly correlated with our sleep.

How deep you sleep and for what time you sleep makes a big difference in our fitness and also it improve our freshness for the next morning but most of us don’t understand the importance of a good sleep; we just think of it as a task that we have to complete someway. But the fact is that improper sleep can reduce your energy through the day and reduce your productivity.

So what should be the right ways to improve our sleep?

Good sleep is a part of a healthy lifestyle, along with proper exercise and a healthy diet.

Chewing Tobacco and smoking can also lead to an unhealthy sleep and also a weak sleep. Chewing Tobacco can increase your heart beat and increase your blood pressure, factors that lead to loss of sleep as well as inability to get deep sleep. It is recommended that one avoids chewing tobacco and smoking completely, or finish it off at least 3 hours before one goes to bed.