The hypothyroidism is seen among many women it can occur at any age.

Some useful dietary tips

1.Cruciferous vegetable-The cruciferous vegetables like cabbage , broccoli , cauliflower can interfere the production of the thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland. It has been seen that people with iodine deficiency have this problem more.   The consumption of the cruciferous vegetable block the ability of the thyroid to absorb the iodine. The iodine is important to maintain the normal thyroid function in our body.

  1. The soya and the soya product- According to the Stephen lee he is the associate chef of endocrinology, nutrition, and diabetes at the Boston medical center says that The hormone estrogen interfere the body’s ability to use the thyroid hormone.
  2. Gluten- It has been found that hypothyroidism can be minimized by minimizing the intake of the food which contain gluten. The gluten is the protein which is generally found in the rye , wheat , barley and other grains.
  3. processed food- It has been found that processed food contain high level of sodium. The people who are suffering from the hypothyroidism should avoid the intake of the sodium in their daily diet. Under active thyroid can enhance the individual risk of developing heart problem and it can enhances the blood pressure problem.
  4. coffee- In recent research it has been found that caffeine consumption can block the thyroid hormone replacement . It has been found that people who are taking the thyroid pills along with the morning coffee have uncontrolled level of thyroid hormone.
  5. High sugar food- The high sugar food consumption can lower down the body’s metabolism power. The sugary junk foods like sweets , dough nuts , candies are quiet dangerous because it has only free calories but it does not contain any nutrient.
  6. Alcohol- It has been found that alcohol consumption can affect the thyroid level in our body. The alcohol have toxic effect on our body. The people who are suffering from hypothyroidism should avoid consumption of the alcohol.
  7. Excess fiber- Too much of fiber can complicate the hypothyroidism problem. In case of the elderly patient the fiber is recommended is 20-35 gm per day. It has been found that amount of dietary fiber is pretty high in the legumes , fruits , vegetable , , beans it can affect the digestive system. It also affect the the thyroid pills and also thyroid hormone action in our body.
  8. Fatty foods – It has been found that fatty food disturb the absorpition of thyroid hormone. The fat sources such as margarine , butter , mayonnaise and fatty cut of meat should be excluded from the diet.
  9. Salmon- In many cases it has been found that underactive thyroid is due to the inflammation of the gland. The sea food like salmon and shrimps prevent the thyroid inflammation , as it contain good amount of omega 3.


The diet and also right exercise can be helpful for controlling thyroid along with obesity.