The skin infection can make skin red, give burning sensation, eruption of the skin lesions.

Causes of skin allergies are-

  1. Flea bites – The flea lives in the fabric . These flees have heavy breading cycle and it takes home quiet rapidly.
  2. Impetigo – The impetigo is considered to be highly infectious infection it generally affect children. It makes the skin itchy and red.
  3. Shingles- The shingles generally caused by the virus of chicken pox. The rashes are quiet painful and produces blisters.
  4. Eczema- Eczema cause intense itchy rashes , rough and cracked skin. It also results dry scaly patch over skin.
  5. Rheumatic fever- It cause small painless bumps over the skin. It also cause skin rashes.
  6. Measles- The reddish brown rashes are developed.
  7. Yeast Infections- Sourness and pain the genital area. Burning , itching and irritation also occurs.

Foods which prevent skin allergies-

  1. Green tea- Green tea with caffeine or without caffeine is considered to be healthy for people with skin allergies. The green tea generally contain antihistamine. When green tea is added then it reduces the allergic symptoms. Histamine is an important chemical which body release when there is any allergies.  A hot cup of green tea can reduce the allergies.
  2. Nut categories-  Walnuts , cashew , almonds , hazel nut , peanut worsens the rash and condition of allergies for the skin. The peanut butter can be avoided if any individual facing skin issues. It is better to stay away from nuts.
  3. Histamine boosting foods- Some foods contain histamine which includes egg white strawberry , chocolates citrus fruits like lemons and oranges . It also include nuts , milk and more foods which cause swelling in the body and also various infection on the skin. The histamine containing foods should be retained from the diet.
  4. Sea food- Bad sea food can cause itching skin. The food from oyster to sea fish , squids to crab it should be completely off from our diet and it help in the quick recovery of the skin.
  5. Dairy products- If any individual is facing itchy skin and rash it is better to avoid dairy products. Yoghurt to cheese , cream to cheese , these foods can trigger the condition of the skin.  The low fat milk and skimmed milk are not also recommended for the patient severe allergic skin condition.
  6. Salt content in the food- Excessive salt cause dryness in the skin. The salt can cause  itching and irritation in the particular areas. The lower consumption of salt can reduce the bad condition of the skin.
  7. The histamine containing foods- The histamine is the nutrient which worsens the condition of the skin. The histamine worsens the condition of the skin.  The product which contain high level of histamine can worsens the condition of the skin. The histamine containing foods are wine , vinegar , soy sauce , salami , beer , vinegar , Champaign , smoked fish , canned fish . The other foods are the fermented foods which contain high level of histamine.


The good food and healthy life style prevent skin infections.