5 Reasons That Overnight Sitting Working May Increase Your Weight

It has been found that shifting work from the day shift to night shift can drastically affect the waistline. The midwives, nurses, doctors even call center employees have complained that working at night shift can cause elevation of the weight and increase the waistline. Researchers have concluded that physical activity, diet quality, alcohol consumption and smoking can cause an increase in weight.  Whereas researchers have found that individuals who have changed their work shift from night to morning shift have reduced 3 unit of the BMI.  Sleeping by day and working at night generally, slows down the body’s metabolism.  The negative health effect is linked with the shift work. According to many famous nutrition magazines, it has been found that shift work goes against the fundamental biology of the people.

There are majorly 5 reasons

1.Increase intake of carbohydrate-

The modest amount of carbohydrate intake is quite healthy for our body. But consuming too much of the carbohydrate can lead to the opposite effect.  Too much carbohydrate consumption can exceed our calorie needs.  Too much carbohydrate consumption can lead to extra water retention and fat storage in our body. It has been found that with every 3 gram of carbohydrate there is adequate water storage. Too much carbohydrate is converted into fat. Excess fat accumulation can be bad for our overall health.

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2. The sodium consumption is more than that of normal intake-

The body retains excess water for much reason. Excess water retention is caused by too much salt intake in the main diet. Some people are more sensitive to water retention. People who eat clean, whole foods and work out regularly and eat super salty meal have more chance in gaining weight. The weight fluctuation is more for the patient with a high salt diet. Excess fluid intake can help to flush away the excess salt from our body.

3. Medication and pills can cause excess water retention-

The medication and pill intake can cause an effect on weight gain. Education can cause a potential increase in weight gain. Change in hormone can increase weight gain. Due to much medication, there is potential change in the hormonal balance. There is some medication which contains steroids which cause water retention and increase in the weight and their weight fluctuation is due to the storage of the fluid in our body. The diet based water retention won’t be solved until the med is cut off.

4. Menstrual cycle-

The menstrual cycle is one of the important cause of gaining weight. The hormonal change during the menstrual cycle can lead to fluid retention.  2- 8 pound of weight fluctuation occurs this time to the girls.

5. Constipation-

Irregular lifestyle, lack of fluid intake, lack of fiber in the diet, disturb sleeping pattern can affect the digestive tract and it can lead to constipation. Excess toxic accumulation in the body can lead to severe weight gain.

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The irregular and bad lifestyle can cause excessive gain in weight at night.

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