How To Breast Feed?

Colostrum- The Best Immunization For A Child

How to breast feed?

Many new mothers are not sure on how to feed the new born. Here are few tips that would help them ensure successful breastfeeding.

One of the most important thing is that you should be comfortable to bring the baby near your breast. Rest your back so that you are comfortable and don’t get muscle catches while feeding.

First step for successful feeding is good latching. The baby’s lower lip and tongue should first touch the base of the areola for proper to breastfeed


Then ensure that the whole areola enters the baby’s mouth. When the baby takes only the nipples in his mouth, it becomes painful for the mother and sucking process is not complete and the baby does not get sufficient milk. There is possibility of getting a sour nipple or cracked nipple.

When the entire areola is in the baby’s mouth, he responds by dropping his lower jaw.

Take care that the nose of the baby is not compressed by the breast.

Do not feed on both the breasts while feeding each time. It is very important to let baby complete one breast first. Breast milk has two parts – Foremilk and Hindmilk. Foremilk is the milk that comes out first. This is rich in water (to satisfy baby’s thirst) and Hindmilk is secreted in the later half which is rich in fats (to satisfy baby’s hunger and help in weight gain). Hence it is very important to empty the entire breast, so that the baby’s hunger is satisfied and he gains healthy weight.

Keep your areola and nipple clean with plain water after the baby finishes. Do not use wet wipes to clean the nipples as, the materials used to keep the tissue wet enters the baby’s intestine while he feeds again and may not agree with the baby.

Feeding Positions:

  • Sitting position
  • Lying on one side
  • The cradle hold, with your baby’s head in the crook of your arm
  • The rugby ball hold, with your baby’s body under your arm
  • The koala hold, where your baby straddles your knees to nurse
  • Laid-back breastfeeding, where you lie back, propped up by pillows

Feed the baby in any one of the positions. Make yourself comfortable by supporting yourself with pillows.

When you breast feed, stay calm, talk to your child, listen to music and enjoy feeding. This will help to increase the secretion of milk.

Remember when you breastfeed you are not only providing adequate nutrition, but also feeding him Love, self confidence and building immunity.


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Dietitian, Happy Living Diet Clinic

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