Curing And Avoiding Things During Menstrual Periods!



What to do?

  1. Have enough rest.
  2. Take a warm shower in the day
  3. Take lots of fluid including fruit,juice,soup.
    Pains and cramps are normal characterstics of menstural pain. Do not be too bothered.
  4. Do mild excercises. Keep yourself active.
  5. Seek medical care if u have menstural irregularities.
  6. Place a heating pad over your lower abdomen and lower back until you get relief.
  7. Drink tea at any time
  8. Excercise can reduce menstural pain
  9. Lemon helps to ease the bleeding , pain and swelling. Drink the juice of 2-3 lemons of cold water each day during mensural period.

What not to do during menstrual ?

  1. Do not be barefoot.
  2. Do not eat any type of spicy food.
  3. Avoid cold drinks
  4. Avoid cold areas and try to keep your body at a warm temperature.