9 Tips To Deal With Your First Time Pregnancy

Happiness Is… The First Kick Of Your Baby In Your Belly

Hey, mommies to be! Feeling nervous? Or maybe curious? Life is taking shape inside you, isn’t that fascinating? We know you are too excited and at the same time frightened, why shouldn’t you be? After all, this is the most important milestone in your life. These 9 months of a journey for you and your child will be full of joy, fear and a lot of mood swings!

Pregnancy- Best Feeling In The World

From the moment you are confirmed about it, your whole life takes a new meaning and within days and weeks, everything changes instantly, not just your body. You’ll be into a rollercoaster of emotions at the end of which you’ll meet the love of your life!

Let’s have a look at some of the common things you’ll encounter on this bumpy as much as beautiful ride –

  • For some, it will be only in the mornings when they’ll feel sick, but it can be at all the time for 7 months
  • Food cravings are high.
  • You’ll feel exhausted especially in the first and last trimester
  • Swelling. Itchiness, back pain, joint pain, tender breasts. Your body has its own life now.
  • You feel nervous and overwhelmed by what lies ahead, labor, birth, motherhood and almost everything.
  • As your belly grows your legs will start hurting more.
  • Forget about crying at sad endings, now you’ll cry and feel anxious for every other thing, be it a kind gesture from your partner or the worry of being a good mother.
  • Despite the entire physical and mental trauma, you’ll feel magical!

You might be googling stuff right from the moment you missed your periods and now after you are confirmed about the life inside you, you want to do every possible thing to make your baby healthy, to go through the whole 9-month process with ease and of course to prevent your waistline from expanding afterward. And that’s where we come in, well every woman and every pregnancy is different and you need to do things according to your comfort.

So, in our blog, we are going to discuss some tips for you that might prove to be useful for your first-time pregnancy.

1. Do Moderate Exercises And Yoga

The goal is to maintain fitness and not to increase it! You can start your day with 15 minutes of continuous walking at a moderate pace in cool shaded areas avoid overheating, swimming 3 times a week, some simple and light workout exercises.

Do moderate yoga & exercise, Via: ocean985.com

Practice simple yoga postures, do some light meditation for 15 minutes. This can help you beat stress, maintain weight, boost your mood, improve blood circulation and sleep better. Consult your doctor before adopting any exercise routine, because each pregnancy is different.

2. Eliminate Toxins

Avoid consumption of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and restrict your contact with solvents like thinner and nail polish remover. They have a strong link to birth defects and miscarriage. Smoking cigarettes, for example, decreases oxygen flow to your baby leading to preterm birth and other complications. If you can’t stop the consumption, get advice from your doctor.

3. Drink More Water

During this period, your blood supplies oxygen and other nutrients to your baby through the placenta and carries the waste and carbon dioxide away, resulting in an increase in your blood volume up to 50 percent to handle all these activities. Drinking more water is necessary to support that gain.

Drink more water during pregnancy, Via: parenting.firstcry.com

Moreover, it also helps to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, fatigue, swelling, headaches, UTIs, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Keep yourself hydrated, drink around 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. You can add lime or fruit splash to it for a taste.

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4. Precautions With Medicines

Consult your doctor midwife before taking any over-the-counter medications, supplements, or natural remedies. Certain drugs are not for pregnant women. Check every medicine before you consume it. Non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen should also be avoided, they increase the chances of miscarriage fetal blood vessel damage.

5. Take Proper Meal

When you are pregnant, you eat for two (or 1.2)! You should eat 5-6 well-balanced meals with a lot of folate-rich food like lentils, wheat germ, oranges, cereals, and asparagus. Folic acid helps in the creation of the baby’s new blood cells and proper development of the baby’s neural tube.

Eat Folic Rich food, Via: blissfulpregnancy.com

Limit your caffeine and try on some fruits, like bananas and apples for natural sugar that will boost your energy levels. Avoid artificial sweeteners, large fish, raw sprouts, most soft cheeses, and undercooked meat, these can cause food poisoning.

6. Take Some Vitamins

Vitamin B6 is the recommended dosage of 10 to 25 milligrams, three to four times daily, as needed can help to stop morning sickness or nausea, you can also drink some ginger-root herb tea in the first trimester. A prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement that contains iron and B complex vitamins, including folic acid can be taken. Vitamin D also is necessary. Again each medical case is different so consult your doctor before taking any over-the-counter supplements and vitamins or natural remedies.

7. Educate Yourself

Know more about your pregnancy! You need to collect as much information as you can. Since, this is your first time, the more informed you are the easier your journey will be and the less will be the chances of any complication. Talk about it to your mother or other pregnant women.

Read newborn baby magazines and educate yourself, Via: momjunction.com

Read from reliable sources and watch videos to make your understanding clear. Well, you are reading this it means you are already on the right path to gather information, keep it up!

8. Track Your Weight Gain

Eating too much can lead to an increase in weight, which will affect you after birth and it will be hard to lose later. Also, not gaining enough weight can put the baby at risk for a low weight birth, which will cause developmental problems for your baby. Keep a track of your weight and check it with your doctor if you are gaining weight healthily.

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9. Socialize

One of the important parts of the whole journey is to be happy and keep your mental state good. You may feel annoyed, irritated, frustrated and anxious all the time. Talk it out! Indulge with other pregnant women, talk about your experiences, you can join some social group or pregnant women exercise classes too. Make new friends, go out and get some fresh air. Most importantly, communicate with your partner, tell him how you feel and discuss things with him because when you are pregnant it means not alone you, but “you both” are!

Attend Social Gathering, Via: mothering.com

Making another human is quite a difficult task, but a wonderful one indeed. You will go through a lot of physical pain and emotional disturbances, but when you’ll hold your baby in your hands, at that moment you’ll realize all that pain and suffering were nothing in front of the joy and happiness of this moment. Each second of those 9 months will be memorable. All the best for your 9 months ride.