Hair Problem Fixes

Hairs are the most striking quality in terms of presenting yourself. Having a toned and perfectly groomed hairs can say a lot about your personality. Everyone want their hair to be soft and shiny, but that isn’t always the case. There are something that you cannot control and hairs are one of them. Much of the structure and geometry of the hair depends on the genetics. Baldness, greasy hair, dry hair or split ends are some of the problems faced by many people. Keeping the hairs stronger and healthier are the secret of having a natural and shiny hair. Here are some of the hair problems and their fixes to apply if you are suffering from any one of the situations:

  • Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural process. As you age, hairs tend to lose from the head, indicating the signs of aging. Hair loss can also be triggered at an early age due to genetics. The most effective way to keep the hairs sustained for more years is to maintain a well-balanced diet. Hairs feed on the nutrients and providing them with healthy nutrients will keep it shiny and reduce hair loss. Other treatments of hair loss are the use of cosmetic products, hair surgeries, and injecting certain steroids to promote hair growth.

  • Grey Hair

Grey or White Hair is again the signs of aging and often increases with the age. The melanin pigment responsible for natural colour damages with time, hence, the grey hair. There is no typical solution to grey hairs except for the use of hair dyes, which comes in different colours. Dyes can give the natural look of the hair but often requires to apply at regular intervals in order to retain the colour on the hair.

  • Greasy Hair

Hairs containing too much oil can often give a greasy look. Sebum – a natural oil is responsible for lubricating the scalp, but excess production of sebum can inherit greasy hairs. Such type of hairs looks dull and very oily, making it difficult to maintain. In order to treat the condition, try using recommended shampoo. There are specific brands of shampoo providing the removal of oily hairs by regulating sebum production.

  • Damaged Hair

Excessive use of cosmetics and hair dryers can severely damage the hair over the longer run. Damaged hairs are often associated with split ends, brittle hair, or unmanageable hair. Just like the body, hair also needs moisture and using too much of the cosmetic products and applying excess heat can damage the hair. Try avoiding the use of styling products as much as possible to reduce the damage.  Limit the exposure of hair to direct sunlight and avoid using hair dryers on a regular basis. Also, don’t wash the hair too often. Try to maintain a gap of some days before washing it with shampoo.