Hair Loss Problem? Go With Proper Diet!




Hair fall is a common phenomenon at gradual growing age. But, immature hair fall is disappointing and often lead to depression in the young population. One of the main causes of hair fall is stress and hectic lifestyles. Food is directly connected to skin and health of the hair.A  good diet with healthy lifestyle keeps the hair smooth and shiny. Before talking about suitable measures to protect hair loss, the causes of hair fall have to be determined and preventive measures have to be taken first. Along with sound lifestyle, a good diet can prevent immature hair loss in both men and women.


Knowing and managing the lifestyle is the primary step to prevent premature hair fall. Eating healthy and cutting off fast food from daily diet is crucial. According to researches, non-communicable diseases hypertension, diabetes and obesity are causes of hair fall which are mainly caused by in taking sugar and other junk foods. On the other hand, good proteins are to be taken for healthy hair as the hair itself is made up  keratin protein. Also, folic acid, vitamins and iron are needed for a bouncy, shiny and manageable hair. An adequate amount of water caters the prevention of premature hair loss and strengthen the roots.


  1. Protein: Hair is always growing. For accelerated hair growth include good quality proteins in the diet. Specially, egg, milk and milk products, light meat, fish, beans, lentils and soy products. Dry fruits and nuts like almond, walnut, cashew nuts, brazil nuts and pistachio in smaller portion are useful to accomplish protein intake in the daily diet.


  1. Vitamins: Vitamin K is specifically good for healthy hair as the vitamin helps in protein synthesis. Foods rich in vitamin K are milk and milk products, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, leafy vegetables, lettuce, soybeans. Complementing vitamin K with B vitamins and Vitamin A is important for more effective results. Adding carrot, mango, green vegetables, cucumber and fruits in the daily diet is best.


  1. Yoghurt and Curd: Gut health is directly connected to healthy hair. Grey hair is the outcome of liver dysfunction and other gut disorders. Curd and yoghurt are best to keep the gut calm with the provision of health friendly bacteria. Yoghurt is also a good option for supplying protein directly to the scalp.


  1. Fruits: Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of anti-oxidants, needed to scavenge the free radicals, produced due to stress. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, pineapple, grapes, and guava are best sources of anti-oxidants and flavonoids those help to cater good hair growth and manage the shine. Daily 3 servings of fruits are recommended for healthy hair.


  1. Iron Enriched Foods: Foods rich in iron like lean meat, chicken, liver, spinach, cereals, lentils and beans are needed to strengthen the roots and prevent hair fall. Shellfish and sea foods are also good for iron consumption.


In a nutshell, to prevent premature hair loss, diet plays the crucial role. A balanced diet with good nutrients can help in managing hair health with adequate intake of water, physical activity and stress-free life.