Are Cosmetics Really Toxic? Know 10 Harmful Effects Of Beauty Products

Right from the age, you started using cosmetics till today; your mom would have warned you several times about the risks involved. If not her others may have surely advised you at least once in your lifetime. But we ignore it, oh! That’s not totally our fault. Humans have a natural tendency to appreciate things that appear to be beautiful from the outside in spite of its known risks. These cosmetics may make you feel youthful and fresh but they come with a cost!

According to some studies if cosmetics are used regularly for a long time they may cause skin damage and could also develop an illness like cancer and asthma. Majorly, products like lipsticks, skin cream, talcum powder, and deodorants can cause severe damage. Allergies are the most common effect of using these products. Some are for a short time that cures if one stops the usage of the product while some are permanent.

10 Harmful Side Effects Using Cosmetics

Cosmetics have become a part of the daily lives of people Thus we need to know how much we have to use and what are the adverse effects of using them regularly on my skin. Let’s have a look at 10 of the hidden dangers of using Cosmetics:

1. Lead Increases Health Hazards

According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, approx. 61% of lipsticks contain Lead. Shocking but true !! We all are aware of how dangerous lead is, it can cause a lot of harm if consumed. Lipsticks are made up out of some content that contains lead and mineral oil. Lead ingestion can lead to brain damage and behavioral abnormalities.

Chemicals found in Lipstick, Via:

Although the lead content in lipstick is considered to be safe but with its repeated and prolonged use can cause a lot of long term effects like poor muscle coordination, increased blood pressure, hearing and vision impairment and some neural damages. Moreover, lipstick doesn’t let your lips breathe and darkens them too.

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2. Increases Respiratory Problems

Air pollution cannot be blamed alone for causing respiratory issues, we also have perfumes, deodorants, face sprays and talcum powder that can harm your lungs. The chemicals used in these cosmetics are often breathed in and can cause damage to the lung tissues. Acetonitrile is used in most of the perfumes, too much exposure to which can kill you. Other chemicals contained in these products when inhaled can cause asthma.

3. Allergic Reactions From Hair Removal Creams

To stay hairless is one of the biggest concerns today, and waxing can be painful. So, people opt for hair removal creams that do the job in minutes without causing any pain. But as it is said that convenience comes with a big price and so are these creams which are made up of chemicals such as keratin.

Hair Removal creams may lead to darkening of the skin, Via:

Keratin causes skin irritation, rashes and some major allergic reactions which are permanent and untreatable sometimes. Keratin also consists of a substance that can cause cancer.

4. Rashes By Using Body Wash And Soap

We use them every day, and they are no doubt important. But the next time you purchase a body wash or soap just have a look at its ingredients. Most of them contain something called “microbeads in sodium Laureth sulfate” and this substance is a major cause of BREAST CANCER! Soaps are very harsh to be used on the face, it also contains bacteria that can go deep under your skin.

5. Face Wipes Enhance Skin Pigmentation

Replacing the use of dry tissues, face wipes have become popular to wipe out makeup and to cleanse the face. They are soaked in some chemicals that make them smell nice, but these can also cause permanent allergies and marks to your skin.

Skin Pigmentation occurs by continuously using Face wipes, Via:

These wet tissues contain a lot of bacteria in it. You run from bacteria the whole day and end up wiping them up on your face!

6. Leads To Hormone Imbalance

Researchers have found one class of chemicals present in cosmetics called ‘endocrine disruptors’ that mimics natural hormones like estrogen and can lead to certain types of cancer. Common hormone disruptor includes BPA, mercury, arsenic, atrazine, dioxin, and flame retardants, these can cause breast cancer in women, non-descended testes in young males, prostate cancer in men, development disorders in children and thyroid cancer.

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7. Clogging Of Pores

Oil-based or long-lasting makeup like foundation and face powder clog your skin pores. They are applied to make the skin smoother and hide blemishes and spots, they do this by filling into your pores and thus not allowing it to breathe.

Makeup products increase clogging of pores, Via:

Long-lasting makeup can go more deeply into your skin. They can lead to acne and can flare out blemishes. Avoid using oil-based makeup and go for non-acne genic makeup that will not block your pores.

8. Damage to Eyes

Most of the makeup surrounds the eyes and the mouth, the two most sensitive areas to be affected. Eye makeup today has gained a lot of importance, be it a simple ‘kajal’ or sparkly glitter, they are used widely. One must be very careful while using these products, glitter and eyeliners are applied on the waterline of the eye.

High use of mascara and eyeliner may harm eyes, Via:

Any particles can go inside the eye and can cause eye infections. Also, check the expiry date before using any such product, people have lost their eyes by using expired products.

9. Increases Chances of Cancer

Using cosmetics regularly can lead to skin cancer. The aluminum present in lipstick can cause anemia and glucose intolerance. Products contain zinc oxide and barium sulfate that can cause organ failure. Body moisturizers can disrupt the thyroid content in the body. Parabens which are used heavily in cosmetic products are said to be a cause of cancer.

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10. Promotes Skin Aging

These makeup products are full of chemicals, prolonged use of them dry out the natural oils and essential vitamins and minerals in our skin. This causes the skin to lose its natural moisture and texture thereby developing dry patches and wrinkles. To be precise, it will make your skin look older than you are. Getting back that natural glow is impossible, and so to cover it up and run a new business, these cosmetic companies have now come up with anti-aging products. Now that’s like hitting someone intentionally and then offering them medical aid!


Cosmetics are tested before being launched in the market, but only for short term effects like allergies and skin irritation. Tests for its long term effects should also be done. Limiting the use of cosmetics is a good way but if you are prone to it then you must take all safety measures while using it. Take out your makeup before sleeping, check the ingredients of the products before purchasing, avoid direct contact of power cosmetics and go for some natural products. Take care of your health while looking beautiful, fresh and youthful.