Natural Ways To Increase Milk Production

Natural Ways to Increase Milk Production



First and foremost responsibility of a mother is to nurse her baby. She does face little issues during the period of lactation. Sometimes she is worried that, her milk production goes low. Here are few natural ways to increase the milk production.
• Include a wide variety of food in your diet, whole grains, pulses, vegetables an fruits.
• Eat proper amount of food, in terms of quality and quantity.
• Include galactogogues such as garlic, onions, mint, methi seeds, milk, fish, on daily basis.
• Drink plenty of water, as dehydration may decrease the milk production.
• Consume plenty of warm liquids.
• Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which would decrease milk production.
• Breastfeed often: The more the baby nurses, the more will be the production of milk.
• Stay relaxed, give proper rest to yourself, as fatigue and stress will hamper the let down reflex.
• Make your baby sleep next to you always. Do not use cradle. This will not only increase the mother child bondage, but also will increase the production of milk.
• Focus only on feeding the baby. Do not pressurise yourself.
• Stay calm when you feed your baby. Deep breathing helps to relieve tension and helps you to stay calm.
• Massage your breast, as this helps to increase the volume and fat content of your milk. Massage your breast near the chest and then a little towards the nipple, and wait for your baby to take a couple of sips. Then massage another area of the same breast, and wait for more swallows.
• Be with people who encourage breastfeeding.

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