Weight Loss – Do It Yourself


Weight Loss – Do It Yourself


  • Begin With Soups :

Soups at the start of a meal fills a portion of the stomach, slows eating as your hunger subsides. Choose clear soups and broths only. do not go for creamt soups that are high in calories.

  • Go For Whole Grains:

Include whole grains in your daily food such as brown rice, parboiled rice, barley, oats, poha, buckwheat, whole wheat. You can also add wheat bran to phulka dough to increase fiber and give the benefits of whole grain.

  • Veggies and Fruit :

Veggies and fruits provide fiber, which will improve satiety and low in calories as well.

  • Say No to Red Meat:

Fish, deskinned chicken, egg white would be the best non veg options, as they are low on fats. Avoid red meat like beef, mutton, pork.

  • Chew Your Food:

Take time to chew the food, which will aid in digestion and help in portion control.

  • Eat Small Frequent Meals:

Small frequent meals keeps your BMR on the rise, which will inturn will aid in weight loss.

  • Be a slow eater:

Slowly eaten meals gives great pleasure from smaller portions and trigger the body’s fullness hormones


  • Customize your Pizza:

If you are going for a pizza meal, make your pizza thin crust, reduce cheese and go for vege toppings.

  • Go low on sugar:

Replace carbonated drinks with lot of sugar with lime juice or mint flavoured water or water with frozen watermelon / strawberries.

  • Limit Alcohol:

Start with non alcoholic, low calorie beverage like sparkling water instead of directly going with cocktail . Alcohol provides 7K.Cal / gm as compared to 4K.Cal / gm of carbohydrates and protein. Hence limit alcohol to reduce weight.

  • Consume Green Tea:

Green tea increases body’s calorie burning engine temporarily. Hence drinking green tea instead of milk tea is a god weight loss strategy.

  • Eat at home:

Eat home cooked food at least 5 days a week, as a consumer survey reports that this was a top habit of “successful weight losers”.

  • Stop at Eating Pause:

Eat sufficiently, but don’t get stuffed. Stop eating when your body says its full.

  • Sleep More :

Research shows that getting less than 7 hours of sleep revs up the appetitie making one more hungry. Hence sleep properly to reduce weight!

  • Encourage Yourself:

Hang  a favourite dress, which is a size smaller than what you are wearing now, in a place where you can see it daily. This will encourage you to lose weight faster to reach the award.

  • Visual Illusion:

Use a tall, thin glass, as it will cut down about 25% – 30% of sugary drinks, therby reducing weight.

  • Set Calm mind:

Research says that the calm mind with self awareness helps people from over eating.

  • Chew strong mint gum:

Chew sugarless gum with a strong flavour when you are at risk for a snack attack. Gum with bis flavour punch over powers other food, so they don’t taste good.

  • Shrink your dishes:

Choose 10” meal plate instead of 12” meal plate to automatically serve yourself less therby aiding you to eat less. This could cut out 100 – 200 K.Cal a day.

  • Burn 100Cal More:

Lose 10 pounds in a year without dieting by burning an extra 100Cal everyday. Try one of these activities;

  • Walk for 20min
  • Do gardening for 20min
  • Clean house for 30min
  • Jog fog 10min


  • Cook Enough:

Cook just what is required, so that there is no unnecessary extra serving is available.

  • What if Leftovers are there?:

Transfer leftovers for the next day. Do not consume them on the same day as you may overfeed yourself.