Tread Mill Or Jogging – Which Is Better At Burning More Fat?

The golden question about burning fat: TREAD-MILL OR JOGGING?

When we asked different people that which method of burning calories is better between Jogging and Tread-mill, they all have many opinions like they preferred Jogging because during jogging you meet new people which distracts you from a daily hectic lifestyle and inhaling fresh air is good for health. Similarly, with a treadmill, you can monitor your calorie-burning, heart rate, running kilometers and most important in any season you can walk or jog. So both methods of fat burning have their pros and cons.

The burden of fat can give us a massive load of a problem.  The problems can affect our life severely. So in our blog, we have given the brief of the treadmill and jogging with their pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look…


A treadmill is an equipment which is used for walking or running or for jogging while a person remains in the same place. A treadmill is used to monitor heart and lung diseases. ECG, ergo spirometry, blood pressure monitor, EMG these are few tests that can be done through the treadmill.

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The History and The Now of Treadmill

Long before power machine was introduced treadmill came, it was used to grind grains by animals or human. It was also used in prison for punishments.

Treadmill more recently used to do cardio exercises. The machine has a moving platform with a convey belt. A flywheel or electric motor can drive it. The speed of the running can be monitored and controlled In advance machines they have displays which shows how much calories has been burnt,


  • Cardio exercises can be performed indoor when there is rain or heavy snow.
  • A cushioned treadmill provides a lower impact than that of outdoor running.
  • Exercise can be performed while doing some activity, like watching TV or talking over the phone.
  • The machine helps to monitor the heart rate, pulse, calorie expenditure.


  • Runner gets the unnatural feeling on a treadmill which can make them lose balance
  • Many runners find the treadmill more monotonous and they can lose interest after a certain period
  • Treadmill runner doesn’t get any psychological satisfaction as an outside runner can explore the different place while running.
  • It may cause personal injury if not used properly
  • Takes lots of space in the home
  • It’s purchasing and maintenance cost is high
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Jogging is running at a pace, and jogging is done outside anywhere, it can be at the parks, road or in sea beaches. The jogger can experience in a new place while jogging, and they can motivate others to jog. There are Joggers Parks. Joggers track even joggers marathon is arranged so that jogging is encouraged.

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History of Jogging

Jogging is originated long back in the 16th century in England. The word ‘’jogging’’ has been found in English literature of Shakespeare, Richard Jefferies. In united stated before athlete are trained for boxing, tennis or basketball, jogging is done for warm-up, it is called the ‘’roadwork.’’


  • One hour jogging per week can increase your life span for several years.
  • If you jog at a moderate speed of ten minutes per mile regularly, then you can burn 4.2 calories per hour.
  • Jogging can improve your metabolic rate.
  • Jogging helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation and increasing the capacity of the heart.
  • Jogging improves lung capacity.


  • If you make jogging a compulsion and do it on a daily basis, then your body will not get time to repair the wear and tear of the tissues.
  • Jogging with worn-out shoes or improperly fitting can cause injuries like runner’s knees, blisters, shin splints and stress fractures.

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Now to answer the question – Which Helps You Burn Fat More? Jogging or Treadmill?

Daily jogging for about one hour is helpful; it is useful to decrease the process of aging, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorder, it also helps to reduce obesity and gives the right shape. Jogging or treadmill can prevent the risk of lung, colon, breast and prostate cancer and help to reduce more body fat.

According to a BMC public health report jogging outdoor can increase energy expenditure and concentration. Jogging outdoor can improve energy level and mood than using the treadmill. Jogging prevents bone damage and muscle loss. Jogging outside can lead to more fat loss than that of using a treadmill.

So in conclusion, whether its “jogging or running on the treadmill”, both are effective and a lot better than being a couch potato. Getting out of your comfort zone on a daily basis is very crucial for your overall health. Run, Jog, or Jump just get out of that bed and get some blood flowing through your heart.