10 Best Dietary Tips For A Dialysis Patient




Dialysis is the process of removing waste products and excess fluid from the body. Dialysis is required as the kidneys are not able to filter the blood properly. If dialysis is not done then salts and other waste products will accumulate in the blood and it will be poisonous for the body. There are two typeS of dialysis process. One is hemodialysis and another one is peritoneal dialysis. For a dialysis patient, nutritional backbone must be strong. There are some guidelines or tips which can be helpful for a renal failure patient.

Main focus areas

  • Protein: protein requirement is increased during dialysis. So the patient diet should be rich in fish, eggs, chicken, milk and milk products.
  • Sodium: Extra salt is best avoided. Whenever too much salt is present in their diet will make the patient thirstier. Use of less amount of salt in the diet it will help to maintain the patient’s blood pressure within normal range and also prevent edema. So salty item or sodium rich food like salty cookies, cheese, pickles, papad, bhajia, chips, processed food, nuts, sauces, cakes, pastries etc should not be included in the daily diet.
  • Potassium: Excess or too little of it in the diet can harm our heart. Foods high in potassium should be restricted. Potassium rich foods like fruit and fruit juice, jelly, jam, marmalade, dab water, soups, health drinks, coco products, dal and dal products , potato, pumpkin, tomato, spinach, papaya, leafy vegetables, plantain green, tender jackfruit, capsicum etc should not be included in the diet.

Now we come directly on the DIETARY TIPS for a Renal Failure Patient

  1. Total fluid intake includes all the liquids other than water like tea should be limited as per doctor’s advice.
  2. Do not use low sodium salt as it is rich in potassium. It is better to use normal iodized salt in lesser quantity.
  3. The allowed vegetables must be reached before cooking.
  4. There is a severe protein loss occur in the case of dialysis patient so diet must be protein rich.
  5. The patient should limit “whole grain” and “high fiber” foods (like whole wheat bread, bran cereal, and brown rice) to help them limit their intake of phosphorus.
  6. Patient must Limit to the intake of milk, yogurt, and cheese  as most dairy foods are very high in phosphorus.
  7. The salad is not safe for this kind of patient. But when the patient’s potassium level within normal range then the only cucumber can allow weekly.
  8. A high-calorie diet is always prescribed for these patients due to prevent weight loss and to help preserve your body’s muscle stores.
  9. Vitamins and minerals may be missing from a renal patient’s diet because they have to avoid so many foods. As per doctor’s advice, a vitamin and mineral supplement must intake.
  10. The fruits which can take a dialysis patient includes rose apple (jambul), papaya, nash patis, guava, pineapple ( for the non diabetic patient only).


VEGETABLES like Green Beans, Wax Beans, Dried Beans, Boiled/Raw Beans, Beans in Tomato Sauce, Beets ,Greens, Eggplant, Escarole, Kale, Leeks, Okra, Parsley, Rutabagas, Boiled/Fresh Spinach, Sweet Potato etc.

If a patient follows the Proper diet and takes adequate rest then he/she can feel energetic and along with it if the patient can do some exercise, it also strengthens muscles and exercise can also reduce anxiety and as well as it also improve their psychological state.