Practise These 4 Yoga Asanas During Quarantine To Boost Immunity

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By the impact of Coronavirus Pandemic, lockdown is announced in many countries including India. Being self-quarantine is essential for all of us at this moment if you want to protect yourself against COVID-19. During this isolation as many of you have started working from home, but some of you watching movies and web series all-day laying down lazily on your bed, started eating 4 to 5 times a day, sleeping late at night and waking up very late in the morning. But this routine of your is creating adverse effects on your body and making you fatter day by day. And consequently, it will influence your immune system. So what you should do to make yourself active throughout the day and how you will boost your immune system to fight against coronavirus?

These odd and boring days of self-quarantine making your life lazier. Thus it is very important to stay active and to boost immunity in our body. With this well-balanced and nutritious diet, performing yoga can also be effective.

So for our healthiply readers, I would recommend practising 4 special yoga asanas which will make your self-quarantine a little bit interesting and refreshing. There’s never been a better time for doing yoga then this lockdown, so take a deep breath and do some stretching first.

1. Matsyasan

How to do: For doing Matsyasan first lay down on your back then place your hands on the sides of the body and put the palms entirely on the floor. Now slowly raise your chest, supporting the neck, join the upper part of the head in such a way that space between your head and body forms a curve from the arms to the upper back. In this case, elbows and palms should be on the floor. Be in this pose for 5 to 6 second and then slowly rest your body on the floor. Another way of doing this asana by performing Padmasana.

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Benefits of doing Matsyasan:

  • This posture increases the energy level in the body.
  • By doing this yoga, lungs will become stronger and your respiration improves.
  • Matsayasan will boost your blood circulation.
  • It is also good for heart health.

Note: This Yoga is not recommended for those people who are suffering from neck pain and heart patients.

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2. Utkatasana

How to do: This yogasan is also known as Chair Pose. For doing this asana first you have to stand correctly while standing form Tadasana posture keeping body and head straight. Keep both legs close together, now while breathing in, join your hands and them lift above your head. Now slowly bring the knees in front and bend. While doing so Try to bring the hips parallel to the floor. Keep the neck and spine stable. While doing this, you will feel like you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Do this asana for one minute according to your ability.

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Benefits of doing Utkatasan:

  • Utkatasana strengthens the thighs, calves, and ankles and tones your shoulders, butt, hips and back.
  • It stretches the Achilles tendons and bones and thus Reduces symptoms of flat feet
  • Utkatasana also stretches the shoulders and opens the chest.
  • It tones your digestive organs and heart
  • Stimulates the diaphragm, heart, and abdominal organs.

3. Sukhasana

How to do: For performing this yoga you have to sit down by placing yoga mats on the floor, then bend your legs from the knees and tie them in a comfortable position. Keep your backbone and neck straight without stretching and put both hands on the knees in a meditative position. After that, close your eyes and leave your body in a loose position. Now slowly takes a deep breath and release it the same way. You can do this asana for 10 to 15 minutes according to your capacity. Sukhasana is the simplest meditative position and therefore it is known as Easy Pose. It is an enticing pose for beginners and for those who have a very stiff body. Repeat daily by changing the position of the legs.

Sukhasana Pose
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Benefits of doing Sukhasana:

  • Sukhasana is practised for relaxing the body and mind too.
  • It slowly strengthens the muscles of the back and improves body posture.
  • It increases physical and mental balance.
  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Develops flexibility in knee, ankle and hip joints.

Note: if there is a problem in your backbone or you having spinal cord injury then avoid this pose. Also if you are suffering from hernia, ulcer or arthritis then don’t practise this pose.

4. Ardh Matsyendrasana

Either you call it Ardha Matsyendrasana or Half Lord of the Fishes Pose or Half Spinal Twist Pose or Vakrasana, all are same!

How to do: For performing this pose, just sit straight with your legs stretched out on yoga mat. Make sure that your backbone is absolutely erect and your feet are placed together.
Now, bend your left leg in such a way that the foot of the left leg lies adjoining your right hip. Then place the right leg next to the left knee by holding it over the knee. Rotate your waist, neck and shoulders towards the right side and set your focus over your right shoulder. Make sure your spine is upright. If you want you can place the right hand behind you, and the left hand on the right knee. Hold this pose about 30 to 60 as you breathe slowly, yet deeply. Repeat the moves on the other side, and then exhale and come back to the beginning.

Ardh Matsyendrasana
Ardha Matsyendrasana, Via:

Benefits of doing Ardh Matsyendrasana:

  • It reduces pressure on your spinal cord.
  • It improves the internal functions of the body including the immune system.
  • Poor digestion produces toxins in the body that cause infection, thus this asana eliminates digestive problems.
  • This pose reduces belly fat and increases the flexibility of the body.

I know this quarantine has made your life boring and sluggish but by performing these yoga asanas at home will keep you refresh and relaxed all day. There many other activities too and yoga poses you can perform at during quarantine and lockdown. This will keep you engaged all day and make your body fit and active. It will also help you to connect with your core, help you to find your inner peace.

Note: Proper posture is must, so we recommend that watch yoga asana by experts online first and then perform them.

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