How Parents Can Indulge Their Quarantined Kids In Fun Activities?

Fun Activities For Quarantined Kids,

As schools or kindergartens are close these days due to COVID- 19 Pandemic, parents are suddenly facing the challenge of keeping their children at home. From more than half countries had announced Lockdown due to the spread of Coronavirus. Now parents have to work from home, they have to tackle their kids and manage household activities too. You can handle everything happily with your kids at home is quite impossible.

Being surrounded by parents, teachers, experts and business people, I have observed them and let you know how they are spending time with their kids in this quarantine period is totally incredible😁. For knowing the real condition I just ping my sister, she told me about my Nephew- Daksh who demands delicious snacks all day, watch movies and cartoon for endless hrs, asking for going out and demands to play games either on mobile or outside!!

If I am not wrong, your kids demand all this stuff too and do the same activities. So after getting some tips from my sister and neighbours on phones call, I can help you out in this difficult situation. If you like them you can apply to kids and share your experience with us.

So engage your kids with these fun and interesting activities in this lockdown.

First & Foremost Thing- Explain Kids About COVID-19

Some kids love vacations while others love going school when suddenly schools are closed and nobody is going outside, then it comes in minds of every toddler that why can’t we go out of the house? Thus every parent must tell their kids about the pandemic but in a playful way or by telling any story so that it won’t affect your kid. Tell them why schools are closed, and why self-quarantine is so important and convey that the situation is serious without panicking them.

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If during the holidays you ask your kids to read or learn, then they will never do or learn anything so start slowly by increasing their enthusiasm.

Set up Treasure Hunt at Home

So first involve your kids in some mind games especially which make them curious and active. Then treasure hunt is the best option and kids love it too, pretty easy and depending on how many items there are.

Plan Treasure Hunt For Kids, Via:

Hide anything related to your kids like their favourite chocolates or their toys or books anywhere in the house or outside to keep kids interested for a few hours. Till then you can work as much as possible in the morning.

Ask Toddlers to Draw There Favourite Cartoon

Don’t get disappointed, if they are not listening to you. It’s easier than you think to stay kids at one place as they love to move around outside and inside the house. But creativity can settle your kid for a few hours. Ask them to draw their favourite cartoon, avenger or whatever they like, teach them new methods of colours like colouring from fingers, vegetables or using stencils.

Let Your Kids Draw, Via:

Provide them crayons, glue, glitter, their preferred picture and let their creativity shine. You can also ask them to make a family tree using everyday items that you have around the house like from paper plates or newspaper or thread unused balls etc. In this way also you can engage your kids.

Teach them Cooking

In childhood, kids are fond of making round chapatis or they start playing with dough and water. This sound interesting ask them to make rolls or floor balls for breakfast or lunch or dinner. tell them to wash veggies or put spices ( in proper guidance) to the meal.

Teach your kids how to Cook, Via:

Teach them to step by step, how tea and coffee are prepared. In a fun way, ask them to recognises fruits and vegetable names, colour and next day ask them about it. Slowly they will memorise the colours and names of each ingredient. Cooking is actually fun!

Make Videos With Your Kids and Take a Selfie

It is a high-tech world and talking about cellphones, apple store or google play store are filled with various entertainment and video-making apps such as Tiktok or Vmate, Helo.

Click selfies with kids, Via:

Use these apps and bring out the hidden talent of your kids, make funny videos, capture memories of the quarantine period, take selfies with them so that they can cherish these moments in future. Although kids love videos and taking snapshots from a cellphone.

Engage them in Superhero Movies

If your kids are bored now with these activities, further for some hours you don’t have time have to engage yourself with them, then engage them in watching animated movies like Frozen, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Home Alone and many more. Currently, kids are going crazy for superhero movies such as Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America etc all these available on Hotstar, Amazonorinme & NetFlix.

Engage kids in Superhero Movies, Via:

Apart from them, nowadays in this lockdown period, Doordarshan has started telecasting Ramayana, Mahabharata and Shaktimaan again which is favourite of the 80s and 90s born people. If you to inculcate culture, values and traditions to your kids then this is also a good option for you.

Teach them Gradering

Gardening is a fun outdoor activity you can develop in your child. A garden is a magnificent teacher itself, as patience and careful vigilance is required for gardening. Teaching kids about gardening will definitely encourage them to conserve, care and respect mother nature.

Teach Your Kid about Gardening, Via:

You don’t need a big ground or yard to teach your child about gardening you can do this with Flowerpot. They will enjoy while planting seeds and watering them daily. Educate them about tools which are used in gardening. Remember, instruct them to wash their hands properly after gardening.

Play Games With Them

In evening play some games with them yes going outside is prohibited and playing with other kids is not allowed due to lockdown. So be their friend, play indoor games such as snack and ladder, monopoly, Ludo, Video games, chess and many more.

Play indoor games with kids, Via:

Put learning in motion by playing games this help your kids in learning about a variety of subjects, on mobile, there are various apps available for toddlers. Start with a basic game that helps him learn farm animals, numbers, colours and shapes. Modify the game for school-age kids to include anatomy, world government, and history.

Basic Learning is also Essential

And finally, if applied all these tips and then basic learning is left for them. Teaching your child to read is one of the most wonderful gifts you will ever give them. Learning the basics of pronunciation prepares kids for spelling and reading zeal. You don’t have to sit calmly on a chair endlessly repeating letter sounds this will create a boring atmosphere. Try activities that make learning phonetics an adventure instead of dull lessons. Kids can play games hunt for letters, make alphabet books, and even use a digital mode to bring their phonics lessons to life.

BAsic Learning is also essential, Via:

Don’t apply all these tips on a single day, just like there are seven days in a week, then perform all these activities on each day or mix 2 or 3 activities daily. Summing up here, I hope all these fun activities and tips will keep your kid engaged all day in during self-quarantine and slowly and gradually they will learn few things too.

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