Homeopathy Definition

Homeopathy treatment is an old system of administering extremely diluted amounts of medicines. It allows the body to heal naturally by stimulating the defense mechanisms of the body. This is in contrast to allopathic medicines, which act as an opposing force to contain the symptoms of ailments. Therapy has a smooth and gentle reaction on the body, can be taken with other prescription drugs and is devoid of any side affects.

Homeopathy Origin

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded this system of alternative medicine in the year 1796. It derives its name from the Greek words homoios (similar) and pathos (suffering). This form of treatment is based on three laws: Law of Similars (substances that create symptoms on healthy people can cure the same signs on ill people), Law of Individualization (each person is different in demonstrating symptoms of a particular disease) and Law of Infinitesimal Dose (it works by administering minimum doses of substances on the affected individual).

Homeopathy Treatment Process

It is based on the principle that strong doses of natural substances can result in symptoms, but if used in dilute doses can heal the same symptoms. The therapy is similar to the disease being administered in minimal amounts, which in turn stimulates the immune system. The active immune system now works towards restoring the imbalance in the body and driving out the causal toxins.    

Homeopathy Benefits

  •  Medicines aim at healing the body as a whole and do not concentrate only on the disease or the area of infection.
  • These medications can be used by individuals from all age groups
  • These Drugs are devoid of side effects, do not weaken the immune system, are safe and mild
  • It’s Remedies are effective against a number of allergies, can avoid surgery and can combat several chronic and severe ailments
  • Most of the ingredients used in these medications are herbal products- minerals, substances and naturally grown herbs
  • Since homeopathy works to strengthen the immune system, this method of healing is fast and effective.

Homeopathy Viability

Many countries have recognized homeopathy as a scientific and legal practice. The FDA regulates the manufacturing of it’s drugs. Currently, several hospitals prescribe them as single or combination medications.