12 Reasons, Why Early Morning Is The Best Time To Exercise

Early morning is the best time for all the exercises. If we delay our exercise schedule for the late afternoon or evening, the other works will interfere the exercise time and then it’s very difficult to manage the exercise schedule.




Why should you exercise Early Morning:

  1. Helps Better at Weight Loss
    Exercising before breakfast is more helpful for a weight loss plan. As the body burn more fats when doing on an empty stomach rather than after having food. It also checks our appetite. Also, insulin sensitivity being higher during morning time, it helps to control Diabetes.
  2. Improves our Physical and Mental Energy
    Morning exercise enhances our mood and recovery from depression as during morning workout our body releases more hormones like endorphins which help to recover from stress and testosterone hormone which helps in building muscle strength. It gives us more energy level for throughout the day and our mind is ready for the tasks of the day.

    Stretching and muscle flexibility
    Exercise freshens you up mentally and physically
  3. Improves our Sleep
    Morning weight lifting and workout gives a good fatigue sense at night which gives better and sound sleep which is necessary for the next day’s fresh start. Sound sleep also keeps us physically fit.Also Read: Walking Vs Jogging Vs Skipping : Calorie Burn Guide
  4. It’s Less Crowded Early Morning
    Morning exercises are easier in the gym or treadmill as there is no crowd or queue and also we concentrate better on our work out in a quite environment.
  5. You Sweat Less and there’s No Irritation
    Exercising in the morning opens up our mind more as mornings are fresh, stress-free and without anxieties or frustrations. Also, there is no sweating problem and so there is no irritation. It is a good time for running, calorie-blasting spin class or yoga.
  6. Makes Muscles and Joint Flexible
    Morning exercise makes our muscles and joints more flexible for the whole day so that they are less prone to pain or injuries and thus increases our working speed and time.
  7. Best Time to Warm-Up
    Morning is the good time for warm up exercises as our body’s temperature is low at morning and we also spend more time in exercise without getting tired. Warm up is generally good and needed for a whole hectic day’s schedule. Morning Exercises also help to maintain consistency of routine.

    early morning Warm up
    Early morning warm-up is the best
  8. Fewer Distractions
    During morning exercise we are not distracted with other works relating to school, office, shopping, movies etc. Late evening, workload hampers our exercise and gym time which forces us to skip our exercise time.
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  9. Sunlight and Safety
    Morning is the safe best time for running or brisk walking as there is enough sunlight. There is no need of indoor exercise due to fading light.
  10. Improves Metabolism
    Morning exercise improves our metabolism and boosts energy. It also does not coincide with our meal time. It is very difficult and harmful to do exercise after a heavy meal and it also leads to poor digestion.

    early morning Running improves metabolism
    Early morning Running improves metabolism
  11. Will Boost Confidence
    An early morning exercise gives a natural glow on our face from inside and there is no need to spend time and money for beauty treatment. It also increases our confidence level.
  12. Happiness Unlimited
    Exercise is a happiness medication as it reduces stress and makes our life enjoyable. So one should make a habit of early morning exercise and after few days exercise becomes a natural way to start our day. Exercise improves our personal discipline and keeps us disease-free resulting into enhanced personal relationships with our friends and family members. It is good for all ages indeed.