10 Benefits Of Brisk Walking !


Brisk walking has lots of advantage over a normal pace of walking.

Brisk walking

Brisk walking is done at a pace of 3 miles per hour or 20 minutes per mile.

How to Brisk walk?

Brisk walking is done upright position while bending elbow and relaxing shoulders. Arms should be moved from backward to forward direction.

10 benefits of brisk walking

  1. Heart health- Br
  2. Brisk walking is good for the heart muscle and lungs. It also increases heart beat to recommended level. Brisk walking reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attack.
  3. Glowing skin – Effective aerobic exercise helps in the formation of red blood corpuscles. It helps to shed dead cells from the body which provides shiny and gleaming skin.
  4. During Pregnancy- Mother of all trimesters should walk & walk help to ease knee and ankle pain and make the heart more functioning. Walking should be avoided during breathing problem, vaginal bleeding.  Brisk walk reduces the risk of miscarriage by lowering hormonal fluctuation.
  5. Reduces risk of cancer- It has been found that brisk walking reduces the risk of colon cancer because it prevents because it gives lesser time to carcinogenic cell association with intestinal lining.
  6. Reduces risk of hypertension-  it is found that 30- 40-minute walk reduces the risk of hypertension and control blood pressure. Walking also reduces triglyceride level and also a condition of hypertension. It also helps to smooth the function of the vital organ like kidney, heart, liver.
  7. Wight reduction– Brisk walk help to reduce weight. It also help to cut down extra fat in our body, It helps to increase the cardiovascular fitness, reduces anxiety , depression , stress and allow a body to utilize blood sugar Walking for 30 minutes with the speed of 2 mph help to burn more fat.
  8. Increase memory – Walking regulate proper blood flow and provides better oxygen flow through blood to brain cells. It is also important to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer and dementia.
  9. Walking increase longevity – 30 minutes every day enhance the longevity of life, it prevents various diseases. It improves the quality of life, it also acts as an antioxidant.
  10. Risks of diabetes- Brisk walk reduces body fat, reduces cholesterol level in the body and it also helps to reduce the waistline. Excessive fat act as insulin resistance, therefore weight reduction is important.
  11. Stress buster – Walking daily reduces stress it helps to calm down the nerves and it helps to generate the good hormones in our body.

Many a time old patients, people with knee pain and leg injury, the obese patient cannot do high- intensity exercise like running,cycling,swimming. These individuals can opt brisk walking. Brisk walking early morning is more effective, especially in green space. It fuels lungs with oxygen. Brisk walking is effective which lightens up our body and also our mood. Walking every day 30 minutes enhance longevity and make us strong. Walking on the slope or in mountains is more beneficial.