Hormones Imbalance Can Lead To Obesity And Weight Gain.

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Hormones Imbalance

It is usual for your hormone levels to move at various times of your life. It might occur previously or after your periods, during pregnancy, or during menopause. How about we clarify hormone imbalance is?

Hormones are chemicals produced by different glands and tissues, which are part of the endocrine system. Hormones are delivered to all of the muscles and organs found in the body throughout the bloodstream. They are giving messages to the organs and tell them what to do and when to do it.

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Hormones regulate appetite and metabolism, sleep cycles, heart rate, sexual function, general mood and stress levels, and body temperature. Women may experience imbalances in insulin, cortisol, thyroxin, androgens, estrogen and progesterone levels, etc. A hormonal imbalance means that you have too much or too little of a specific hormone. Every slight change that happens can cause severe effects on your body. Hormones imbalance can lead to obesity and weight gain.

Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance

There is a wide range of symptoms that can trigger and signal female hormone imbalance. Some of the common hormonal conditions that are affecting women are as follows:

  • Excessive weight gain
  • Sweaty skin
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Hair loss
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Persistent acne
  • Loss of muscular mass
  • Digestive problems
  • Vaginal dryness and itching
  • Puffy face
  • Depression
  • Heavy or irregular periods, missed periods or stopped periods

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Hormones Associated With Obesity

1. Leptin and Obesity

The hormone leptin is produced in the fat cell and it is secreted into our bloodstream. Leptin act as an appetite regulator. Leptin helps to reduce the appetite of the patient when it acts upon the particular area of the brain. Leptin also manages and control the body’s fat storage.

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Leptin is higher in obese people due to the high amount of fat cells in their body. Still, the leptin hormone does not work on the fat. Leptin cannot rich to the brain for the obese people.

2. Insulin and Obesity

Insulin hormone is secreted from the islet of Langerhans. It is responsible for the regulation of the carbohydrate and it also helps in the metabolism of the fat.  It has been found that insulin help glucose uptake from the blood such as liver, muscles and fat.

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It is essential that energy is required in every day functioning and it helps to maintain the average level of circulating glucose. If the individual is obese, then insulin signal is lost and the tissues are no longer contribute to control the blood glucose level.

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3. Sex Hormones (Estrogen & Androgen)

Fat distribution is the most crucial thing in the body — the fat distribution influence stroke, heart disease and also some form of arthritis. If the fat is stored in the thighs, hip and bottom, there is more risk of various physiological conditions. Estrogen is the sex hormone which is produced by the premenopausal women. The estrogen is responsible for the ovulation in every menstrual cycle.  Postmenopausal women and men do not produce estrogen in their ovaries and testicles, respectively. In this time, especially in case of woman estrogen are produced in their body fat and it is produced less in the postmenopausal ovary.

Menopausal Weight Gain, Via: hcgdigestivesystem.co.za

In the case of the younger man, the androgen is produced at a high level in the testes. When a man grows this hormone development slowly reduces in our body.  In the time of childbearing age, women tend to develop more body fat in the lower area of the body, that gives a pear shape. Postmenopausal women tend to store more fat around the abdomen which lead to the apple shape body.  The postmenopausal women who take estrogen tablet don’t store body fat in the stomach.  Lack of estrogen leads to the excessive weight gain of the individual.

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4. Growth Hormones and Obesity

Growth hormone is responsible for proper height and also weight. Growth hormone is also responsible for the bone development and muscle development of the individual.  The researcher has found that obese people have a lower level of growth hormone that of people with average weight.

5. Obesity Due to PCOS Caused by Thyroid Hormones

In hypothyroidism, the patient has lower thyroid hormone secretion from the thyroid gland, which causes weight gain of the individual.

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Balance your Hormones Through Natural Ways

There are natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females. Also, certain lifestyle changes are needed, including:

  • Losing weight
  • Keeping a healthy diet
  • Avoiding stress
  • Getting enough sleep

Hormones are having a great role in many processes in our body. If the hormones are unbalanced, a variety of symptoms may occur. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance can cause several serious complications. If you seek treatment as soon as possible, the complications will be reduced.