Top 10 Incredible Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds/leaves (Methi)




Fenugreek is a herb similar to clover that is native to the Mediterranean region and seeds are the common ingredient in the dishes from the Indian subcontinent. Fenugreek seeds are rich in  dietary fiber, iron, and several other minerals

Here are TEN proven Benefits

  1. It improves our digestive problem: The water-soluble fiber in fenugreek seed helps to relieve constipation. It also works to treat digestive hazards and is often incorporated in an ulcerative colitis Diet. Treatment plan due to its anti-inflammatory effects. As fenugreek seed is rich in fiber and antioxidants, it helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body and thus, aids digestion.
  1. Effect on cholesterol level: Fenugreek also seems to benefit those people who have the heart problem, such as hardening of the arteries. It helps to lower cholesterol along with triglycerides without affecting the HDL cholesterol level.
  2. Reduction of Inflammation inside the Body: Fenugreek seed can help to reduce mouth ulcers, boils, bronchitis, and infection of the tissues, tuberculosis, chronic coughs and cancer.


  1. Promotes Milk Flow in Breastfeeding: Fenugreek seed can help to improve a woman’s breast milk supply because it acts as galactagogue which is a substance of increasing milk supply. This stimulates the milk ducts and can increase milk production.


  1. Lowers Inflammation from Outside the Body: In addition to lower the internal inflammation fenugreek seed is sometimes used in external This reduces external inflammation. It is also effective in pain and swelling of the muscles and lymph nodes, gout, wounds, leg ulcer, eczema etc.


  1. Helps with Eating Disorders: Beyond of it’s enhancing flavor, fenugreek has been shown in increasing appetite which results in restorative and nutritive properties. It has a powerful effect on metabolic -endocrine changes.


  1. Improves Exercise Performance: It has a powerful effect on body composition, muscular strength and anaerobic capacity of our body.


  1. Controls blood sugar levels: Diabetic patients must include methi (in the form of seeds or leaves) in meals. Here Galactomannan, a natural soluble fiber presents in fenugreek seed reduces the amount of sugar absorption into the blood. Within this the amino acid which is responsible for inducing the production of insulin.


  1. Helps counter acid reflux or heartburn: fenugreek seeds into our food can be an effective home medicine for heartburn. Mucilage of fenugreek seeds coats the lining of the stomach, intestine, and help to soothe the irritated gastrointestinal tissues.


  1. Helps in reducing menstrual discomfort: Fenugreek seed contains Diosgenin and Isoflavones in combination with Estrogen-like properties which help to reduce the symptoms like discomfort and menstrual cramps. These compounds are also helped to ease the symptoms of menopause  like hot flashes and mood fluctuations. Women suffering from  iron deficiency during teenage or initiation of menstrual periods),even pregnancy and breastfeeding must include fenugreek (methi) in their diet to supply a good amount of iron. But it should be made sure that the diet contains tomatoes or potatoes to those particular preparations to enhance the iron absorption.


So my last statement should be in the form of small advice that do not neglect this valuable seeds or leaves available here in our country. This is really useful in your home may be for every family member.