Tips To Minimize Nutrient Loss During Cooking

Tips to minimize nutrient loss during cooking

Cooking does lead to loss of certain nutrients. Given below are simple steps to prevent and minimize loss of nutrients while pre preparation, preparation and storage.


  • Always go for fresh fruits and vegetables, as withered ones lose their vitamins.
  • Buy freshly cut meat and fish only.
  • Avoid using pest infested cereals & pulses


Pre Preparation

  • Wash vegetables & fruits before peeling & cutting
  • Do not soak cut vegetables or fruits in water. Just in case you want soak them add a little curd to the soaking water.
  • Cut vegetables and fruits into big pieces. Smaller cuts breaks then vitamin bonds, hence leading to loss of vitamins and minerals.cut vegetables
  • Store cut vegetables in a air-tight container
  • Soak pulses before cooking & discard the water used for soaking. The saponins that can induce gas production in the digestive system get leached in the soaking water. Hence discard the water used for soaking, to prevent gas formation.
  • Wash rice and dal with little water for a maximum of 3 times only. The more the water, more will be loss of B vitamins, as they are water soluble.



  • Use correct amount of water for cooking, as when you drain the excess water all tvitamin retentionhe water soluble vitamins and minerals are lost.
  • Do not overcook
  • Use pressure cooking as your cooking mode
  • Cover food while cooking. This reduces loss of most of the nutrients, especially Vitamin A.


Uma Maheshwari PS

Dietitian, Happy Living Diet Clinic